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Colleen Ballinger Wants to be Greta Thunberg When She Grows Up

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Okay so, who here isn’t impressed by everything that Greta Thunberg has managed to achieve? She’s a 16-year-old who is also TIME’s 2019 person of the year. She is an environmental activist who has taken the world by a storm with her passion for the cause. Her on-going passive argument with President Donald Trump is no secret. After Greta’s latest trolling of the President, YouTube star Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) has tweeted:

iconic. I want to be greta thunberg when I grow up.

The response made was a reply to James Charles’ tweet where he posted two screenshots from the profiles of Trump and Thunberg.


It’s no secret that Greta Thunberg has impressed all of us by her drive towards her cause to fight climate change. But her disregard for those who come off as intimidating or plain rude is rather applaudable!

Donald Trump apparently told Thunberg to work on her ‘anger management problem’ and to ‘watch a good old fashioned movie with a friend’. This prompted the young activist to change her Twitter bio to exactly what Trump suggested she did. It was certainly hilarious! Colleen Ballinger finding it iconic is no surprise to us.

Colleen Ballinger has been on YouTube for more than a decade now! She started off as a comedian and went by the name, “Miranda Sings”. Today, Miranda Sings has over 10 million YouTube subscribers and is most commonly viewed by girls between ages 7-15. She has her main channel, with 8 million subscribers and that account is more of a personal take to her life.

This is not the first time Thunberg has had to respond to Trump

We understand why Colleen is taken by Greta Thunberg as this is not the first time she has responded to a tweet by Donald Trump. A few months ago, Mr. Trump, who is an expert at tweeting against his political enemies, tweeted a reply to Thunberg’s overwhelming speech in the United Nations.

After this, Greta had updated her Twitter bio to;

A very happy young girl looking forward to a very bright and wonderful future

Um… You go, girl!

There are so many things wrong with calling a member of your youth out when they are fighting for a good cause. Social media can be evil but Greta Thunberg’s way of countering Mr. Trump’s calling out is pretty cool. It’s no surprise that our YouTube stars like Colleen Ballinger want to be her.

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