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Brie Larson Cannot Wait For Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984 Movie!

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As if Blue Monday by Sebastian Boehm was not enough to hype up the trailer, MCU’s Captain Marvel has also spoken regarding it. Gal Gadot’s new 2020 movie Wonder Woman 1984 is something worth waiting for it seems. Brie Larson definitely knows this and she can’t wait to see it. Interestingly, both women have the first-ever female superhero movies in this latest generation.

Brie Larson Reacts to Wonder Woman 1984

The official soundtrack hypes you up like no other, right? Well, MCU’s Brie Larson is just like anybody else, super excited about the upcoming 2020 movie. Following the release of Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer, Larson shared the following tweet:

Brie Larson and Gadot share a similar honor of being in the first female superhero movies. Especially in the two biggest franchises, DC and Marvel. Now, there have been others in the past. However, the two are special since they represent the modern generation and a storyline that will continue on.

CinemaBlend explains that the movie was initially going to release this December. That is not the case anymore and we are going to rely on fan theories and trailer breakdowns to reveal what to expect from the movie!

You can watch the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer below:

Moreover, when you are going to show an 80s era, what better way to do it than give the exact vibe of it? Thanks to New Order’s version of “Blue Monday” OST, the perfect music did the job we were expecting.

Marvel and DC Competition Is Irrelevant

If you think that DC and Marvel are battling out each other for the upper hand, the competition is not seen between Larson and Gal Gadot. This is expressed in Captain’s feelings through her tweets. Both the franchise can do exceedingly well in their respective storylines. However, the difference of opinion is present in everything and that should be accepted.

DC might be coming slow while Marvel claims the mountain top, the recent releases by former suggest that they have finally found the right path to hike up the hill for a bigger challenge.

With more movies like Wonder Woman 1984 coming out in 2020, we all can only wait to see what do they have in store for us.

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