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Ian Somerhalder Shares Travel Tips on his 40th Birthday

40 years is a long time to be alive. But Ian has lived his years in style and gives us tips on how we can do so too!

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Ian Somerhalder, born on 8th December 1978, just turned 40. Being a teen model and having spent 20 years acting, he has traveled far and wide. For his 40th birthday, the Vampire Diaries star passed down some travel tips and shared some of his most cherished travel moments.

Ian talks of his International Experiences

He has come a long way from the teenager who borrowed a car to go along the coast of Portugal. Ian Somerhalder is married and has a daughter now! His wife, Nikki Reed married him in 2015 and both have done some amazing projects since.

He talks about his experiences in Portugal, France, Milan, San Paulo, and Atlanta. Georgia, Atlanta is where he lived and spent 8 years being Damon Salvatore; the hunky vampire we all know and love from Vampire Diaries. He appreciated his fans in France and San Paulo for all the love he gets every time he goes there.

San Paulo is the city that gives me the most love out of anywhere I have ever been. I went over to a store there once and after talking with the authorities I found out that 27000 people had shown up just to say hello. It was an amazing experience and I have never seen anything like it.

That’s a lot of people and rightfully so!

In the IGTV video, Ian gives us some very considerable tips

He talks about the importance of leaving our phones behind and experience the greatness of the places we are in. Furthermore, he advises to keep our luggage lightweight and to keep our vitamins stocked. To him, it is important to keep yourself healthy because you should be on your most alert self when experiencing the new lands.

Ian sure does love his travels and enjoys them to his fullest. He gives us some airplane tips too! Along with the vitamins, he tells fans that they need to keep themselves hydrated. Water is a must if you are traveling and you can fill and re-fill your bottles on all airports and layovers.

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So, are you an Ian Somerhalder fan who wonders of traveling? Well, Ian gives us the essentials and now, you can be on your way and travel, Damon Style.

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