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Is PewDiePie the Reason Behind YouTube Rewind 2019’s Failure?

YouTube took his advice for this year's wrap-up video.

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YouTube Rewind 2019 is not doing any better than its 2018 version. With more than 7 million dislikes, it’s well on its way to becoming the most disliked video of YouTube yet again and Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg thinks it’s his fault.

What has PewDiePie got to do with YouTube Rewind 2019?

Last year’s wrap-up video raked in a massive 16 million-plus dislikes and went on to become the most disliked video ever. YouTube Rewind 2019 is following its predecessor’s footsteps and PewDiePie thinks he is responsible for that.

YouTube sensation and creator of free online game PoopDie recently uploaded a video titled “YouTube Rewind 2019 failed and it’s my fault”. The video starts with PewDiePie jokingly thanking the platform for finally including him in the video. PewDiePie is probably addressing Kevin Allocca and his team, who tried to make Rewind less controversial this time.

Welcome to the yearly “let’s complain about YouTube Rewind” 2019 edition. I have returned from exile, Thank you YouTube Gods, I exist now!

PewDiePie then tries to explain how he might be the reason behind YouTube Rewind 2019’s failure. According to PewDiePie, the online video streaming giant showed him the video prior to its release.

They showed me this rewind before and… they took some of my feedback and it still bombed.

Pewd’s advice to YouTUbe

So what the advice? well, PewDiePie says that making it less political and more viewer-friendly is how it should be and that’s exactly what Kevin Allocca did this time but it backfired.

They try to avoid politics, which makes sense but then you lose the reflection of what the year was. The whole goal of this video… is not me being salty about not being number one…it defeats the whole purpose. It doesn’t give a genuine reflection of what the year is, that’s my point.

PewDiePie thinks that the main reason it never works is its nature, which is quite boring. Looks like PewDiePie also finds the video quite disastrous just like fellow Youtuber Jake Paul called it a music video on steroids.

Let’s see what YouTube Rewind 2020 brings to the table. We’ll have to wait on this one.

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