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PewDiePie’s Free Online Game PoopDie is One-of-a-Kind

This might gross you out.

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If the new PewDiePie Poop game makes it to the Apple app store, the free online game will change mankind’s perspective on the feces. Felix Kjellberg and Bulbware’s PoopDie is also made for Google App Store but for now, Apple is not ready to back it up because they find it too gross.

PewDiePie’s PoopDie

Can you imagine managing, molding and upgrading your own poops? Well, I’m sure you can not but this is actually happening and PewDiePie thinks it is the best free online game ever. He also calls the free online game PoopDie a game about himself. Wait, What?!

PoopDie is my origin story. It’s a free online game about me. We announced this in February last year and we’ve been perfecting the poops, we’ve been molding them and shaping them. It’s finally time to give birth to the first child, This game is FREE!

PoopDie is only available on Google Play right now because Apple thinks it violates the company’s guidelines. The reason? According to PewDiePie and Bulbware, it’s crude imagery and sound effects may disgust users. PewDiePie continues:

A bit of unepic news for us (PewDiePie & Bulbware). When we submitted PoopDie, Apple thought PoopDie was too stinky for whatever reason.

PewDiePie and the game developers are currently trying to work things out with Apple in hopes of making it to their app store.

In the poop centric PoopDie, you play as a minion-pooping-worm that can be upgraded with Poopgrades. PewDiePie’s PoopDie also sees you fart ancient spells that will help defeat Evil Samron and his Buttcreatures.

You can download PoopDie from Google Play Store.

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