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YouTube Rewind 2019 Might be the Lamest Video Ever

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‘Tis the time of year for YouTube Rewind! So, YouTube Rewind 2019 just released and well, it is something… When thinking of YouTube rewind, we picture various artists representing the happenings of the year with all the trending music in the background. However, this year YouTube surprised us with a change. And let us just say it; it was not a pleasant surprise!

Just for the record, YouTube? Not cool!

Last year, YouTube Rewind (2018) became the most disliked video to ever be made on YouTube. So, YouTube decided to switch things up a little bit. A little bit may have been fine but this… well, here’s what a few of the viewers had to say about it!

This particular tweet shows just how many people actually dislike the video. A lot of people thought the video was just a watchmojo top 10 video taken over by YouTube. Disappointing much?

According to the Insider, the head of Culture and Trends for YouTube, Kevin Allocca has this to say;

(YouTube Rewind 2019) isn’t reverting back to the 2011 style so much as it’s a response to what YouTube thinks people didn’t like about the 2018 version.

Well, that was some way to show us what we liked! One of the rather lousiest parts was that in the start, they added a very condescending statement;

In 2018, we made something you didn’t like. So, in 2019, let’s see what you DID like.

Cause you are better at this than we are!

That’s a lousy way to cover up for your lack of effort, YouTube. Even though they tried to make it less about politics, this video was probably one of the least thought through videos ever.

Although, they did manage to feature PewDiePie in this rewind after his 2 years of absence. Watch now what is his reaction to this!

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