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7 Actors That Died Suspiciously

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Maybe it’s the police, lack of evidence, or aliens abducting our actors, but many deaths in the film industry have gone unsolved.have gone unsolved. We’d like to blame all sorts of otherworldly entities, but as we learned in Scooby-Doo, we are the monsters.

The following deaths of the famous actors have been shrouded in mystery and have raised hundreds of conspiracy theories. One might think having paparazzi all up in their business 24/7 might save them, or solve the mysterious circumstances of their deaths, but no we just get too many pictures of the Kardashians.

1 Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Source: Elle UK

Hollywood’s beloved actress died too young and caused intrigue among millions of speculators. Her sudden death in August 1962 was ruled as probable suicide or an accidental overdose when she was found dead due to barbiturate poisoning. Her final notable public appearance was to sing for President John F. Kennedy for his birthday. Rumored to have been in an affair with both the Kennedy brothers, many suspect them to be behind what may have been a murder.

2 Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee
Source: Flickering Myth

Among the actors that died suspiciously there’s son of Bruce Lee who met his end twenty years after his father’s death. Like father like son, Brandon’s death has caused many rumors and theories to swirl around an experiment gone wrong. While on set of The Crow, Brandon was accidentally shot by a pistol containing real bullets instead of fake ones. His death is widely believed to be a murder rather than accident.

3 Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole Brown Simpson
Source: Biography

In 1994, Simpson was found stabbed to death alongside boyfriend Ron Goldman outside her condo in California. All evidence pointed to her ex-husband OJ Simpson, who was found in possession of blood-stained gloves, footprints matching his shoe-size at the crime scene, hair similar to Simpson’s and fibers from Goldman’s clothing. However, OJ Simpson was acquitted the next year and so far, no possible suspect has surfaced.

4 Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith
Source: E!

Best known for her popularity in Playboy, and the title of Playmate of the Year in 1993, Smith was a famous American actress and model. Her odd behavior on her TV show is a cause of intrigue; she suffered a breakdown after the death of her son. Six months later, she died after consuming the same cocktail that caused her son’s death. It’s unclear whether this was suicide, or if she had been forced to consume the fatal drink mixed with drugs.

5 David Carradine

David Carradine
Source: Medical Bag

Probably the victim of an erotic rendezvous gone wrong, the Kill Bill star was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok in June 2009, whilst shooting a film. Further providing evidence of possible autoerotic asphyxiation (that means 50 shades of grey in real life); the star was found with ropes around his neck, wrists, and genitals. Ex-wife Maria Anderson claims he was murdered after conducting a private investigation.

6 Virginia Rappe

Virginia Rappe
Source: The Cut

The American Model and silent film actress caused a humongous scandal after her death on September 1921, when she suffered from a trauma that led to a ruptured bladder and secondary peritonitis. Roscoe Arbuckle was charged with her murder, the actor she was in a room with during a party on Labor Day.

7 George Reeves

George Reeves
Source: Telegraph UK

Famous for being Superman in the 50’s TV Show, he died at the age of forty-five by a gunshot wound. While the officials have ruled it a suicide, there was no gunpowder residue found on him. Fans think he was murdered as revenge for being involved with a powerful mogul’s wife.

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