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Nina Dobrev Shares Her Day-to-Night Beauty Routine

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Nina Dobrev, who played the role of Elena in The Vampire Diaries, is one gorgeous actress. She has a strong on-screen presence and a really sweet personality. Dobrev is currently in New York City and recently shared her beauty routine with Vogue, in a video of her day-to-night makeup tutorial. We’ve put it all in a comprehensive list along with some fun Nina facts.

But first, skin-care…

She started by washing her face. Her skin routine begins with a cleanser which she uses at night and also in the morning. Nina uses a hyaluronic serum by Dr. Sturm.

Secondly, she uses a calming serum for the red rosacea spots on her cheeks.

“It kind of like, calms the skin.”

Dobrev shared.

She also expressed her love for Dior’s eye-cream.

“I put this on in the morning, at night, whenever I have a flight, all the time..”

Nina further shared that she likes to make a little cocktail of all her creams and then applies them. She adds the Tatcha dewy cream, some sunscreen, then her glow drops that she calls her “secret sauce.”

This is followed by some face massaging as Nina sleeps on her face which causes puffiness from the extra blood circulation.

She keeps her Tatcha eye-patches in the fridge to instantly relieve her eyes and de-puff them.

Nina calls her pimples “aliens”

Checking out the pimples breaking out on her skin, Nina shared a fun fact.

“I call them aliens. And I usually name my aliens. They invade my skin, and they’re unwelcome guests, and I like to tell them they need to leave. The aliens arrive whenever I cheat.”


Nina shared that her pimples pop out whenever she has a cheat day and indulges in burgers. She has an intolerance to gluten and dairy. She added that she has all the tips to cover her pimples.

While concealing her pimples using a concealer, she shared their names too.

Goodbye Jamie.

Goodbye Stephanie.

Makeup time!

After filling in her brows, Nina conceals her under-eyes. She uses Cle De Peau, mixing it with her foundation. She evenly mixes her foundation Dior Skin Forever Glow in shades 3W and 2W.

What’s left on her fingers, goes on her neck. Nina thinks it’s immensely important to apply the foundation on the neck as well.

Nina confesses she recently discovered the beauty blender to apply her foundation.

I just recently discovered these bad boys and I am obsessed.

Moving on to eyeshadow, she takes a little black eyeshadow. And then rubs it into the lashline. Then she takes a Q-tips and puts it in her mouth.

“I wet it with my saliva, cause I’m lazy” and then I delete. I delete all the way down.

So what Nina does here is she rubs off the black eye-shadow with the Q-tip until there’s “a tiny, tiny thin line now at the base of my lashes.”

Applying the black shadow now to her lower lashline, the Vampire Diaries actress funnily comments:

“I look like a raccoon. A fugly raccoon for just a nano-second.

And then you go back to your trusty Q-tip. Lick, and delete.”

And then Nina uses a brow pomade for a tousled brow look that she loves these days.

The Vampire Diaries & Nina’s Dark Circles

One insecurity that Nina Dobrev admitted having was her dark-circles. She said that she was once on a vampire show, and they mostly used to shoot at night. While applying another layer of concealer, the TVD star shared:

“I was on a vampire show for a very, very long time. So we shot at night. And we didn’t sleep very much. And so I had major, major dark circles.”

She also uses a Dior face powder under her eyes and on spots to keep everything in place.

Nina Dobrev finishes off the makeup with the Smashbox Cali Kissed blush-on palette. Finally, she mixes her highlighter with the foundation and applies it with the blender.

And lastly, she tops off the clean look with a red lip, Rouge Dior Ultra Care in 999.

Absolute gorgeousness!

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