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Shane Dawson Spills Tea with Trisha Paytas and Jordan Worona

Jordan Worona confessed Tanacon scared him.

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After much waiting and running many episodes on her own, Trisha Paytas finally hosts her first podcast guest: Shane Dawson. Then things take an interesting turn after these old friends get together and discuss all the gossips, spill all the teas together in a 78 minutes episode. The Dish with Trish podcast was still going strong even without the guests. We don’t know what could have happened to the podcast if Jordan Worona, Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas’ manager, was not there as a co-host. He keeps it simple and elegant, yet hilarious by asking all the right questions and dropping all the right disses which are coming in your mind. Shane Dawson is one of the very few closest friends of Trisha Paytas. And Jordan Worona knows him from the last 6-7 years as well.

Jordan Worona & Trisha Paytas confirm that Shane Dawson is a lifesaver

Sometime back when Tana Mongeau was facing the Tanacon scandal, Shane Dawson saved her career. That’s because he did a series on Tana Mongeau getting to hear her side of things. Resultantly, he also saved Jordan Worona’s career as well. Jordan was working for a company and he quit it after Tanacon failed. Following the show, Jordan started his own company and he is successfully running it. At The Dish with Trish podcast, Jordan gave all the credit to Shane Dawson for playing an important role not just in his life, but also in the life of almost all of Jordan’s clients.


Even Tana Mongeau has commented on this post with “OMG Aw”. Trisha Paytas also gives credit to Shane Dawson for saving her career after naming a shade of Conspiracy Palette after Trisha. Shane is literally a lifeboat of Titanic, saving the life and careers of everyone in need.


About YouTube Dramas

Shane Dawson says he just wants to hide whenever he hears a YouTube drama. Trisha Paytas discusses the Mukbang related dramas they stirred a few years back. She also brought up the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama which did not make it to the final docuseries of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star even though it seemed like it would.

Shane was not expecting the series to get such fame. The original plan was not to expose the people. However, they just wanted to show the side of the beauty world. They were never going to do the drama. During the discussion, Jordan teases to arrange a podcast with Tati and James Charles. Shane Dawson also confirmed he has not left the house after uploading the final video. He does not know if the people are still talking about the skipping-the-drama in the series. Shane is just watching a lot of movies these days.

Trisha Paytas also calls Shane Dawson, her first guest, as the peak of The Dish with Trish podcast.

Trisha Paytas & Shane Dawson On Mental Health

Jordan Worona also highlights the repercussions of being on YouTube for so long and having to read negative and rude comments from people that can seriously hurt mental health. Shane Dawson & Trisha Paytas have been on YouTube for almost a decade. And during this time, they have faced both love and hate from followers. The anxiety, depression is becoming common in influencers due to negative comments from people on the internet.

Like, Trisha is famous for her depressing Kitchen videos. However, since she has moved to a new place now, she is in a good place and it’s the start of a new beginning. Trisha confessed she starts dramas for attention, however; it ultimately gives her depression as well. She regrets those videos and says she was not happy whenever she is making such videos.

Trisha Paytas says you never really get over a trauma, but you can cope with it.

Trisha Paytas & The Happy Tears

Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas cried a number of times during the Dish with Trish podcast. Trisha first cried when she was discussing Shane’s engagement and his happy life with Ryland Adams. She shared all her emotions and sentiments seeing Shane and Ryland sharing love with their families.

Jordan said he has never seen Trisha cry like this, but that’s good because there are no kitchen floors and these were the happy tears.

Jordan Worona on Tanacon Documentary

Tana Mongeau and Trisha Paytas’s manager Jordan Worona is one handsome man. He is brilliant at what he does and he manages his clients very well. However, Jordan confessed that he got scared after Tanacon and he contacted Shane Dawson to remove his name from the documentary. He did not want to be a part of it after what happened at the event. Jordan did not want his name saved in the record.

Shane Dawson predicts 2020 is Trisha’s year

Finding Trisha Paytas in her new place made Shane Dawson emotional and teary. He also predicted that 2020 will be Trisha Paytas’s year and hopefully she will find true love just like he found it in Ryland. The new house and new Trisha are a good start.

Jordan even shared this for self-help. When you wake up, repeat this and believe it:

I am independent of the good and bad opinions of others.

Trisha Paytas was the first to get Shane Dawson PR package

She never got a PR package before. That’s why Trisha Paytas was shocked to get the first PR package of Shane Dawson Conspiracy collection. Though she was preparing for her fake wedding at that moment, however; she wanted to do a video on it immediately.

Shane Dawson even cried watching the video by Trisha Paytas. He was happy to name his first shade after Trisha and send her that PR package.

No More ‘Long’ Docuseries by Shane Dawson

As confirmed by Shane Dawson, his last docuseries was very hectic for him to shoot and edit. Therefore, he will not be shooting much longer episodes anymore. Shane will probably do a 3-4 parts docuseries from now on. However, you never know when it comes to him. He might make a single episode and get done with the topic. Or Shane might do the whole thing and turn it into a miniseries.

Shane Dawson will be on YouTube forever, even if he does not post everyday. He likes doing it. However, Shane has been wanting to make a movie as well. We might have something by the end of 2020.

Discussing ‘Onlyfans’

Though Shane Dawson could not believe people use Onlyfans for intimate reasons. However, Trisha confirmed people really do it. She also confirmed it’s not just her who shares her intimate parts and details for her fans, Nikocado Avocado does it too. Whoever needs money can do it for their fans. It’s a social media platform where fans can go pay to get exclusive content from influencers. However, since Shane does not want money, the Onlyfans thingy is not for him at all.

The discussion led to some adult and uncensored topics. So let’s just skip that.

How Shane Dawson & Trisha Paytas became friends?

Towards the end of the Dish with Trish podcast, Jordan Worona asked the besties how they become friends in the first place. And they both answered: Strippers. As per them, she was auditioning for a parody video called “the one who turned you gay”. Trisha did not have her lip job and breast implants at that time, so even though she was a stripper in the video, she was in a dress- not a bikini. Shane still used her footage the most as compared to other skinny girls because Trisha was so pretty. She had expressions and hair flips on point. Shane Dawson was the editor of the video.

Hoping for Tana Mongeau and more guests to arrive at The Dish with Trish podcast soon. This is getting interesting. Hopefully, Jeffree Star will be there someday as well.

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