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Amy Schumer Denies Pregnancy Rumor in the Most Hilarious Way

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Amy Schumer finally has a response to all the rumors on her pregnancy. And the comedian has definitely used her trademark humor to get back to them.

All of this started when Amy Schumer posted a picture of herself on Instagram last week. She wore a red dress with her hands resting on her midsection. Along with the pose, the picture’s caption read that she is cooking something up. And that was all it needed to get the reactions started. Pregnancy rumors started flying everywhere. For obviously, no woman can touch her midsection unless she is expecting. Fans started bringing out congratulatory comments and what not.

Remarks and comments like these started pouring in on her Instagram.



Congratulations!! Your entire outlook on life is going to change!!!!!!


Totally preggers!!! That’s awesome. Congrats.



But not everyone was so easily talked into these comments. Some started pointing out how the pregnancy news made little sense. Surely, she was cooking something up but she had tagged a designer and not her husband. Some people actually wrote that out in a comment. One such one said that,

Unless her stylist is carrying a child for her I don’t think it’s a pregnancy announcement.

Soon, Amy Schumer responded to all the comments and responses. She uploaded a video which was captioned ‘I always have a bump alert!’. In the video, the comedian actress is is holding an alcoholic beverage and sipping out of it. While doing so, Amy Schumer said that,

I am not pregnant. I am not pregnant. I’m sorry, my friends said that … it looked like I was like pointing to a bump or something. But I’m not. Leesa Evans and I created a clothing line for all sizes and shapes, and at a chill price point. That’s what I was trying to allude to. But thank you for thinking of my womb.

This is not the first time that Amy Schumer is facing pregnancy rumors. Back in February, when she got married, fans started speculating that the wedding was a result of her unplanned pregnancy. Even at that time, she resorted to Instagram to clear out all misconceptions. She wrote that,

2 things. No I’m not pregnant. And no gifts but thank you for asking. Instead please consider donation to Everytown for Gun Safety. Thought of Mayce and Jillian a lot yesterday and sending love to everyone who has been affected by gun violence.

Looks like Amy Schumer has mastered how to deal with fans constantly making her pregnant!

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