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Ian Somerhalder | Vampire in Vampire Diaries Vs. Human in V Wars

Which do you prefer?

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Who doesn’t love Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)? The Vampire ruled our screens and hearts for over 8 seasons! Whether or not we were hooked on the show, we were always hooked on his signature smirk and the “eye thing”. Not only has he developed his character, but he has also developed our love for him. So, it is not unusual that we find it hard to imagine the swoon-worthy vampire as a human. But we did see him as Dr. Luther Swann, a human, in the latest Netflix series V Wars.

That smirk tho!

Some of the Ian Somerhalder Character differences we noticed in V Wars

Now though, Ian takes on a different role as he poses as a human physiological scientist who is working hard to find a cure to vampirism. Ironic, no? The vampire who never wanted the cure is now a human looking for the cure. How the tables have turned!

After just watching the first few episodes, we realized the human version was just compassionate about his friendships as a vampire. Furthermore, we also see that Luther Swann has a lot of the signature Ian traits we saw in Damon Salvatore.

One of the main differences was that, in the Vampire Diaries, Ian was initially portrayed as a womanizer. However, Luther couldn’t be further from that! He has a son and a wife which, is surprisingly sweet! Although, we would’ve loved to see his married life with his eternal love in TVD, Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert).

A major difference is a fact that the script for V Wars isn’t as strong as the Vampire Diaries. The Vampire Diaries balanced romance, action, fiction and thriller in itself. However, V Wars lacks in its script as it seems the story has a lot of loop-holes. And one must realize how important a script is to perfect the execution of a role!

Maybe this is our Damon obsessed side talking but, nothing beats Ian as a Vampire. V Wars portrays a side of Ian that is refreshing but ultimately, Vampire Ian it is! Watch the new Netflix season now and let us know what you think!

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