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Why was BanKpop Hashtag Trending?

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Kpop stans rule over twitter and there’s no doubt in that. Every other day, they’re either trending a win, or comeback news, or a birthday. However, not everyone is happy with the constant trending. Recently American YouTuber and Streamer Keemstar expressed on his twitter just how annoying Kpop fan accounts are. He called for the banning of the fan accounts, and the BanKpop hashtag started to trend. However, it wasn’t because everyone agrees that kpop fan accounts should be banned, it was because kpop stans were in the trolling mood.

BanKpop Hashtag Trended by Kpop Fans Themselves

Keemstar rallied against the entire collective of K-Pop lovers and reported a multitude of fan accounts for spam. The video blogger dedicated the early hours of the morning on Monday just to flag accounts on Twitter. In a tweet, he wrote,

Drinking a coffee at 10pm cus I’m staying up all night to do community service. I will be flagging every Kpop stan account for spam for the next 12 hours. #BanKpopAccounts

Many people agreed with this sentiment and started calling out the toxicity in the kpop fandoms. However, it wasn’t until the kpop fans found Keemstar’s tweet that the BanKpop hashtag started to trend. What had solely started to ban kpop accounts became a trend that instead started to troll Keemstar and everyone else agreeing with his tweet.

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