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Does the Brotherly Love in V Wars Match Vampire Diaries’ Fan Expectations

Ian Somerhalder just produced, directed and starred in a new Netflix Series: VWars.

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Our favorite hot-shot, Ian Somerhalder, or better known as Damon Salvatore, has taken up a new project! His new show, V Wars, is a vampire thriller series based on a graphic novel by John Maberry. Ian, being the jack-of-all-trades that we know him to be, directed, executive produced and starred in the series! He poses as Dr. Luther Swann who, surprise, surprise, is a HUMAN! The story follows him as a scientist who struggles as his best friend, Mikey (Adrian Holmes) is turned to a Vampire.

Seeing the brotherhood of Damon and Stephen Salvatore was a magical experience. So, imagine our surprise when the legacy continued in V Wars where Swann isn’t ready to give up on his best friend! They may not be brothers by blood but, it sure is soothing to see our favorite Vampire be just as good a brother, human.

In the Vampire Diaries, Damon, despite his issues, was an exceptional friend to those he befriended. For any fan of The Vampire Diaries, it is impossible not to compare the two characters. Netflix has brought us, Ian, as a passionate friend, again! It is hard to see Ian be a rational and compassionate human, no doubt. However, the shared brotherhood bond does make it somewhat easier to adopt.

Ian may not be Damon anymore, but he still is an exceptional brother on V Wars!

Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder Damon Salvatore Brother

In the Vampire Diaries, Stephan and Damon had the most imperfectly perfect brother bond ever. The tale that started from “Hello, Brother” and ended in them finding each other in the after-life, sure was something! We saw them hate each other, love each other, fight, find, care and cure each other.

The V Wars brotherhood, although a little different, is not really that different at all. In the first 12 minutes of the series, Micheal Fayne (Adrian Holmes) asks Luther;

“We’re family, right? Always, together.”

Luther replies; “Yea, Always”

And if that didn’t give us goosebumps, it also reminded us of the other brotherhood in TVD and The Originals spin-off, “Always and Forever”. This was common among the hybrid, Klaus and his family of original vampires.

So, are you a TVD fan who cannot picture Ian as a human? Or, do you miss Damon and Stephan? Well, give the V Wars a chance and maybe, you’ll find Ian in a new yet not really different light! Give it a try! Log on to Netflix, now!

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