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Jake Paul Is Using Alissa Violet’s Name As Clickbait

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YouTuber and singer Jake Paul has just click-baited many people using his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet’s name. The internet personality who is ‘allegedly’ Tana Mongeau’s husband, recently released a song ‘These Days’. The song was about Alissa and Jake made sure to publicize it. Now he posted a 28-minute long video on YouTube. The video title is ‘The Truth About Alissa Violet.’

Jake Paul | New Video About Ex-Girlfriend Alissa Violet?

“I don’t know how to say this… but I’m the reason FaZe Banks and Alissa broke up”

That’s how Jake started off the lengthy video. While most of us expected him to elaborate on this being the main topic, he suddenly jumped to ‘These Days’  Behind The Scenes. He mentioned he will be sharing an exclusive video on how he made the song and what strangers think about it. And finally, he went on to explain the lyrics and meanings behind ‘These Days.’

‘These Days’ is a track that Jake had dedicated to Alissa. Even the artwork had a picture of the former couple illustrated on it. The song is all set to release on December 13, 2019, so of course, Jake Paul is teasing fans.


While we were expecting more on Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet, there was actually not much at all. Jake Paul continued to talk about his passion for music and his journey towards it as a career.

He shared that he is putting his real-life experiences and emotions into his songs. He has been spending tons of time in the studio, practicing and getting better. Jake continued to talk about his dreams and ambitions to perform on stage in front of the world.

We listened to him tell us about his favorite artists (Lil Wayne, Drake) and how he always focuses on the lyrics that artists use.

Then we watched the part where people on the streets are given the song to listen to. And most of them really liked it. Most people compared the song vibes to Russ and Drake.

By the time you reach the 20th minute of this 28-minute video, Jake starts discussing the lyrics of the song. Now he finally mentions Alissa very vaguely explaining how some lyrics are relatable to their relationship.

We’re just going to say, you can save your time by not expecting him to share anything substantial about their relationship. Honestly, the video title is misleading. Jake Paul quite literally click-baited everyone out there to promote his music.

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