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Wonder Woman 1984 | Chris Pine is Back from the Dead?

Diana and Steve Trevor's reunion.

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The latest trailer to Patty Jenkins movie is out now and it is quite interesting. The Wonder Woman 1984 teaser embraces 80s fashion and music with confidence. It also shows Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back from the dead and reuniting with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot). Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal are also starring in the DC film. The Wonder Woman sequel is set for a June 5, 2020 release date.

What is ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer about?

The highly anticipated Gal Gadot starer sequel to World War 1 setting is coming to the big screens next year with a June 5 release date. The latest WW 1984 trailer gives a much deeper look into the film than it’s predecessor.

Warner Bros film showcases Diana’s (Gal Gadot) new Wonder Woman costume as the Fast & The Furious star dodges bullets and brings down enemies with her Lasso of Truth. Military  Intelligence officer and Gal Gadot’s love interest can also be seen in the trailer. Apparently, Trevor (Pine) dies in the previous movie but Wonder Woman 1984 sees his return after 70 years of his death. Is DC introducing a Marvel-like time-travel touch to it? I am not sure but it is interesting.

Who else is in the Movie?

The trailer also shows Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. The star of Ghostbusters 2016 seems quite friendly to Gal Gadot but is actually a DC villain. it’s unclear what Kristen ends up doing in Wonder Woman 1984 but according to DC comics, Cheetah is one of the biggest WW enemies.

Pedro Pascal’s Tycoon Maxwell Lord is also featured in the DC movie. In the comics, Maxwell Lord is a billionaire super-villain who uses his powers to control Diana and uses her to defeat Batman and SuperMan.

The plot looks rather interesting but Chris and Gal’s reunion is what most fascinates me. I really need to know how Chris Pine comes back to life. I would like to see some time-traveling in DC as well.

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