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Twitter Highlights The Flaws In Trump’s Inevitable ‘Thanos’ Campaign

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Have you ever compared US President Donald Trump with Thanos? Probably not. But Trump himself just embodied Thanos, the villain of Avengers Infinity War. On Tuesday, Trump’s Thanos campaign video was made and posted by his team. Not only did it garner a lot of attention but the famous Thanos snap (now Trump’s) , didn’t do him much good, again.

Trump’s Thanos Campaign

So do you all remember the climax of Avengers: Endgame, when Thanos said “I am inevitable” and then snapped his fingers to destroy all life on the universe. That’s what Trump did this time.

This video was created and posted after House Democrats filed two articles of impeachment against President Trump. It was a direct blow at the impeachments.

The caption even said “President Trump’s re-election is inevitable”


Yes, this is for real. Donald Trump is seen in the place of Thanos snapping his fingers and then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders disappearing into dust, just like the victims of Thanos.

Thanos Creator finds the video “Sick”

Jim Starlon originally created the Infinity trilogy in the early ’90s. In fact, his series of books inspired the story in Infinity Wars and Endgame.

He expressed how distasteful the Trump Thanos campaign was, considering what an evil character Thanos is.

Referring to Trump as a “pompous fool” he stressed on the fact that his country’s leader was actually comparing himself to a mass murderer character.

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, Starlin stated:

After my initial feeling of being violated, seeing that pompous fool using my creation to stroke his infantile ego, it finally struck me that the leader of my country and the free world actually enjoys comparing himself to a mass murderer

Starlin added:

“How sick is that? These are sad and strange times we are going through. Fortunately, all things, even national nightmares, eventually come to an end.”

Twitter also highlights the flaws

The Twitter community quickly responded the video and bashed the president for this move.


What really puzzled everyone was that Thanos actually ends up losing everything. Why would Trump equate himself to that?


Many other users even noticed that the scene used from the movie was the one where Thanos completely failed after snapping his fingers.



Many others made fun of Trump’s Thanos Campaign.


Some others who want him to lose the elections also didn’t miss the opportunity:



Trump’s Thanos campaign video really made a joke out of him and might even have consequences on the turnout of the election. What do you think about it?

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