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Bill Gates Cameo Appearance In Finale Of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’

The show ends with Billionaire Bill Gates

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Its time to bid goodbye to the automated industrial comedy as HBO has aired the finale episode of Silicon Valley yesterday showcasing none other than the techno-giant Bill Gates in a cameo appearance.“Silicon Valley” finally completed its high-tech six seasons on HBO. This Sunday, the series finale with the title “Exit Event” wrapped up the show. And as a surprise, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates marked his entry in the season finale.

Bill Gates, A Cameo In Silicon Valley’s Finale Episode

Although Bill Gates appeared for just a moment sitting in his fictitious Seattle office, his likeliness towards the show is admiring. He even tweeted about the show:

The Microsoft Bigwig is inspired by the performances of the characters working in this comical tech industry. He, in fact, muttered a few words to himself in this somewhat-interview.

“It’s weird, It really seemed like Pied Piper was going to work.”

That GIF displayed Bill Gates playing with a Hoberman Switch Pitch ball. The signature ball from “Silicon Valley”. The Pied Piper inhabitants used to play the game “Always Blue” with this ball. This brief show, however, is sufficient enough to drag the ratings for the show.

Creators Are Happy For Bill Gates’ Cameo

The show creators, obviously, are excited to cast this tech celebrity in the show. Mike Judge, in fact, told USA Today.

“Gates’ appearance worked out perfectly, he was actually a really good actor.” “It was pretty amazing to have Bill Gates in it. Somebody had asked me around Season 2, ‘If you could get anybody in the show…?’ and I just threw out, ‘Bill Gates.’ We finally got [him],”

As a matter of fact, showrunners also approached Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg for earlier episodes but they submitted their regrets.

The Finale Episode Of Silicon Valley

In summary, the 48-minute long final episode showcased the comic characters reviving their achievements. Then viewers watched a massive abolition of Pied Piper by a destructive rat attack and an unexpected entry of Bill Gates commenting on the consequence of such destruction. Pied Piper, however, is a startup company executing “multi-platform technology via a proprietary universal compression algorithm.”

HBO series Silicon Valley, in fact, managed to catch the audience’s attention along its six-season journey that took five whole years to complete. The Thomas Middleditch starrer is based on the startup tech company Pied Piper and the people associated with it.

Silicon Valley premiered on April 6, 2014, on HBO. A group of five young men launched their startup company in Silicon Valley. This year, the series completed its sixth and final season comprising seven episodes. The sixth season was premiered on October 27, 2019, and the final episode was aired on December 8.

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