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Jake Paul Reacts to YouTube Rewind 2019

He thinks it was nothing more than a Music Video on Steroids

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Jake Paul isn’t happy with YouTube Rewind 2019 and he took to social media to express his feelings. The youngest of Paul brothers and husband to Tana Mongeau isn’t happy with 2019 wrap-up video and it’s not only because he wasn’t featured in it.

Jake Paul Reacts to YouTube Rewind 2019

Kevin Allocca and his team tried to do something different this time but it seems many viewers (more than 2.4 million) and YouTubers like Jake Paul disliked the video. They have some major reservations.

Jake Paul (who is also thinking of quitting the platform) went on Twitter to share his reaction. He called YouTube Rewind 2019 a terribly made music video.

Basically a top 10 video on steroids but we learned nothing about those videos if we had not seen them. It was basically a terrible music video.

Jake Paul thinks that the platform isn’t just a place to share a bunch of silly videos but a vital part of our popculture. According to him, the company is much more than that. Jake also mentioned MrBeast and his #TeamTrees initiative.

I think rewind should also be turned into something positive…Like highlighting Mr. Beasts TeamTrees initiative or something powerful.. because the beauty of the platform is that it goes beyond just little silly videos & viral moments.

Jake Paul’s solution to the problem came in the form of a Tweet. He thinks YouTube should sit down with the content creators and take their input for the Rewind.

So how can we highlight that and make it cooler to be apart of this community in the rewind which gets so much exposure & attention? YouTube should bring-in and meet with creators every year to help come up with rewind.

I think YouTube should listen to what he is saying and make YouTube Rewind 2020 worth the while.

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