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Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife | What We Know So Far

It's going to be different this time.

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Jason Reitman movie, Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife is coming to the big screen again. The sequel to 1984 film will bring back the original actors like Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. New cast members Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) and Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard will also be a part of it. Nearly a year after the original teaser, the official trailer is also out now.

What is Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife About?

The plotline of Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife will see a family in Oklahoma that discovers some extraordinary activity in the town. Two young characters played by Wolfhard and McKenna will do whatever it takes to save their family and friends from a supernatural enemy.

Director Jason shares some important details about Ghostbusters 2020.

This is the next chapter in the original franchise. What happened in the 80s happened in the 80s, and this is set in the present day.

The latest Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife trailer also reveals some differences. For example, The events take place in a rural environment instead of an urban setting and the famous Ghostbusters theme song rarely comes up in the latest trailer.

Reitman continues to explain his version of the Ghostbusters story.

This character came to me. She was a 12-year-old girl. I didn’t know who she was or why she popped into my head, but I saw her with a proton pack in her hand and I wrote this story. This story began to form over many years actually. It started with a girl, and all of a sudden it was a family. And eventually, I knew this movie that I needed to make, that I needed to write.

What do we know about Paul Rudd and his character?

There isn’t much available on exactly what Paul Rudd will be doing in Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife but the creator of the film did give us a hint.

Paul Rudd is a seismologist who’s come to this small town because they’ve been having mysterious earthquakes.

He also told ET Online that Paul Rudd will play the role of a school teacher in Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife and maybe that’s how he comes to know Wolfhard and Grace.

That’s all we know about the Ghostbusters sequel at the moment. The release date is set for July 8, 2020. Dankanator will keep you updated.

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