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Golden Globe Only Nominated Male Directors..Again

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The Golden Globes 2020 nominations have been made public. But so has the glaring fact that no female directors are nominated. This isn’t shocking; 2020 is just another year reflecting the obvious pattern in the history of Golden Globes. In 77 years of these awards, a mere 5 women in total have received recognition as directors. Only one has ever won.

No recognition for female directors on Golden Globes 2020

The year 2019 definitely had some prominently well-received and critically-acclaimed movies directed by females. ‘Hustlers’ directed by Lorene Scafaria grossed $100 million. ‘The Farewell’ (director Lulu Wang) was another major hit.

Even Frozen 2, a huge success at the box office, had a female co-director, Jennifer Lee.

Yet, not a single woman got recognized in the category. The five best director nominees are all males. The list consists of Martin Scorsese for ‘The Irishman’, Quentin Tarantino for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, Bong Joon-ho for ‘Parasite’, Sam Mendes for 1917′ and Todd Phillips  for ‘Joker.’

‘Little Women’ writer and female director Greta Gerwig definitely deserved a spot on that list but even she is not in it.

Directing nominees aside, not a single woman got any recognition for the best screenplay or motion picture either this year.

Past statistics

According to the numbers, not many females directed movies in the past either. The overall number was low.

But 2019 and 2020 were a huge step up in this regard. However, the Golden Globes did not show any improvement.

Two years ago while presenting an award for best director, Natalie Portman pointed it out on stage that there were ‘all-male nominees’.

Alma Har’el speaks out loud this year

‘Honey Boy’ director Alma Har’el was one lady who spoke up and slammed the Golden Globes for this. In fact, she proposed the gendered categories to ensure female recognition. She recently said to Variety:

“Unless we have a new category for women directors — the same way we have [separate] actor and actress categories — we won’t see any changes,”

She added that this is a lack of awareness on their part:

It’s obvious they have no awareness.

They’re immersed in this perpetuated activity of basking in male excellence and overseeing this whole new world we’re trying to build with new voices of women and people of color being part of the conversation.

Lorenzo Soria, the organization president, defended the awards voting system saying, “We don’t vote by gender. We vote by film and accomplishment.’”

But Har’el angrily responded on Twitter (now deleted):

“Oh please. If you only saw how these people get pampered with gifts, private concerts and events over four months. They vote by comfort and star f—ing.”

The female director is not only angry but she is fierce and honest. She put the entire Golden Globes picture out there while speaking to Variety:

“They dare to say they don’t judge by gender but that’s exactly what they do.

There were so many films this year that connected with audiences and critics as well as performed at the box office, and this group is out of touch and doesn’t see any of us. Zero women script writers, Zero best films by women. Zero women directors nominated.

I will not live my life as a filmmaker who plans to keep working subjected to a group of voters that doesn’t see us.”


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