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Andy Lassner’s Thoughts on Devin Nunes Calling Lee Fang A ‘Stalker’

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Recently, an investigative reporter from The Intercept, Lee Fang, was asking a Republican party member a question. The Republican official who happens to be Devin Nunes, a House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member, refused to answer the question and then went on to call the reporter a ‘stalker’. Popular producer Andy Lassner had some wise words to share on the matter.

The Whole Story of Devin Nunes Declaring Lee Fang a Stalker

Currently, there is an investigation going on in Trump’s administration ties to a suspicious policy of Ukraine. There is evidence that Devin Nunes played a role in this by having a certain call with Lev Parnas, who was central to the whole scandal.

Now, Nunes previously denied having a call with Parnas and even went so far to state that the call was between Parnas and his wife. People supporting the liberal political party such as Andy Lassner are skeptical of this and seem to believe that Nunes is guilty. Though, Devin is adamant on deflecting the question and in this latest incident, refusing to answer it all together.

Instead, the Republican official took out his phone and took a picture of the reporter, Lee Fang. He also claimed that Fang stalked him.

Afterward, Lee Fang cleared out his name by stating there was no ‘stalking’ taking place. This was merely defamation by Nunes as part of his deflection to answer a serious question:

The reporter even posted a video of their interaction:

Moreover, Fang also shared that a lot of the lawmakers did speak to the investigative reporters of the Intercept and that no stalking took place:

This was an event with many, many members of the House Republican caucus. Several lawmakers spoke to us as they arrived or left the hotel for the NRCC fundraiser upstairs. No one was “stalked.”

Andy Lassner Shares His Thoughts on the Matter

Lassner is a famous producer who works on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Game of Games. Fans who watch the Ellen show would recognize Lassner from popular segment where he is sent to a haunted house, often with a celebrity guest. Though, he’s also quite vocal about his political views and beliefs on social media.

After the Nunes and Fang incident took place, Andy Lassner was quick to side with Lee Fang:

Andy Lassner is fearless when attacking the Republican official it seems. Furthermore, the producer also highlighted how Devin Nunes calling Lee Fang a stalker wrongfully was actually ‘an insult to real victims of stalking’.

Many fans were quick to support Andy Lassner’s views, some even shared their own personal experience of being stalked:

Some fans even pointed out how Nunes’ men chasing down Fang to ensure he was out of the way was the real stalking that took place:

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