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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Review

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I may not be the biggest fan of cliche cringy romantic Christmas movies but that still doesn’t stop me from watching them. There’s nothing that I like more than complaining about the Christmas romance genre. So, here we go! Buckle up for yet another rant on how all Christmas movies are the same. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby gets bonus points though. Because even though it’s not different, it somehow managed to become a Christmas movie trilogy!!

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Better be the Last of this Trilogy

In 2017 the first A Christmas Prince movie came out and even though it wasn’t phenomenally good, it wasn’t pathetically bad either. It was the regular romantic Christmas movie with the only difference being that it was hemmed by Netflix and not Hallmark. However, in 2018 anther movie came out following A Christmas Prince and you’d think that that’ll be the end. Because they’re both married and living happily ever after so what more is there to show?!!

How wrong we all were because obviously the trilogy wouldn’t be complete until there is a baby and a curse. And that is exactly what A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is about. A flimsy fairy-tale set in a picturesque — and imaginary — snow-spangled kingdom, “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby” comes just as the newest generation is toddling around England. The movie monarchy of tiny, vaguely European Aldovia is nearly as old as Britain’s but far less engaging. As Christmas approaches, so does an anniversary, that of an ancient treaty with another peculiar kingdom, Penglia. This treaty is renewed every century, with a deadline that falls inconveniently on Christmas Eve, not long before a baby is due in the palace.

You probably already know all of this from the trailer. Actually the entire movie is what is shown in the trailer with only the identity of the robber of the document being hidden. So, if you want to know who stole the royal document, watch A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby during your Christmas break. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the trailer here. I’m trying my very best to not let out any spoilers.

The Verdict

Though A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is a cute little romantic Christmas movie, I’m done with this trilogy. It’ll be a fun and relaxing watch but I’d really like for this to end here. There’s no need to drag this trilogy further. Hopefully next December we won’t be seeing the fourth edition to this franchise. As for this one, my rating for this is exactly the same as is given on rotten tomatoes.

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