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Taylor Swift Loves How Weird ‘Cats’ Is

Cats is to be released on 20th December and here is what Taylor Swift has to say about it!

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Our pop queen is on her road to even more fame. If that’s even possible! Taylor Swift recently starred in a musical called The Cats movie! The Cats Movie is the film-version of  Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical. Taylor stars in the movie along with some of our favorite Hollywood names! James Corden, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba and Judi Dench are all a part of this project! The trailer introduced the viewers to “digital fur technology” and it is HOT!

Um, seeing the trailer we were confused and shocked. I mean, cats? Humans? Hybrids? What is this? As excited as we were when we first heard of the movie, the trailer brought us so many new possibilities! Fans of stars who acted in the movie could relate to us as some couldn’t decide whether they are excited or “creeped” out!

Taylor Swift had a good time filming Cats!

We may not be sure whether the Computer Generated Imagery created something bizarre or weird but, it sure is surreal! Irrespective of what the viewers think, Taylor Swift, loves the weirdness in the movie!

Swift appears as a fur-covered feline along with other co-stars like Jason Derulo. In a recent interview with Vogue, Britain, Taylor talked about how the experience was exquisite!

I really had an amazing time with Cats. I think I loved the weirdness of it. I loved how I felt I’d never get another opportunity to be like this in my life.

As she sat with Andrew Lloyd in the interview, she had some words for those who want to “own their work” and how certain contributions help with it!

I think [writing] is really important — also from the side of ownership over what you do and make. Even if you aren’t a natural writer, you should try to involve yourself in the messages you’re sending.

So, what did you think of the trailer? Also, let us know if you are buying tickets to watch the movie! You know, since it releases on 20th and there are only a few days left!

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