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Trump Not Welcomed In UK

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London protests are sending out a clear message. President Donald Trump is not welcome in Britain. As Trump met the Queen in Windsor Castle this week, thousands of people came onto streets. Colorful demonstrations all across the city clearly oppose his visit in the UK.

Protesters Stand Up Against Trump’s Visit

A squad of babysitters in orange jackets inflated a giant balloon, which was actually a ‘Trump Baby’. The balloon in reality depicted President Trump as an angry baby wearing a diaper and clutching a cell phone. It soared above Westminster Abbey adding some color to peaceful yet mocking protests on Friday. Even though rallies all across Britain were organized, the one in Central London was remarkable. Even though an official estimate of the crowd is not revealed by the police, organizers predict it to be around 100,000 people. You could find everyone and everybody there. Be it ‘families against Trump’ or ‘trumpeters against Trump’.

The protestors painted a real picture of London. They were sophisticated and liberal, carrying either dogs or children along. They were lifting handmade signs, some of which read as,

Special relationship? I want a divorce.

What The Protestors Had to Say

When interviewed, the demonstrators had mixed opinions of Donald Trump. Some thought of him as a bully and sexual aggressor. While others believed him to be exceptionally cruel, mentioning his policies on immigrant families and children. In common, all marchers were worried about gay rights, civility, and even Palestinian territories.

The protestors were not just UK citizens. Tourists and even Americans living in Britain at that time were ready to join. Despite the US embassy in London asking Americans to keep a low profile during the marches, many of them turned up. One American who joined the March in Britain gave a statement saying,

I think that when you disrespect, you are going to be disrespected.

Trump’s Response to it All

President Trump was quick to notice that his visit was not welcomed by Britishers. In a statement to the British newspaper, he even grumbled about all the protests. He said,

I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London. I used to love London as a city… But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?

And this was exactly what the protestors and their organizers wanted. They were more than happy to know that they had succeeded. Leo Murray, the man who came up with the idea of Trump Baby balloon commented on this sharing the news of their success. He revealed,

It’s worked spectacularly well. We’ve basically run him out of London. He’s got the message: He’s not welcome here.

And with that, the people of Britain are more than just thrilled to know that they’ve made their point. It’s interesting to see that people all across the world hold a unified message which is Anti-Trump. No matter what personal political beliefs, people just won’t readily welcome a leader of a country that they perceive as someone who is against universal moral values.

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