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The Irishman Viewership | Martin Scorsese Must be Happy?

Nielson breaks down the Numbers

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They say data is the most valuable treasure these days. The same also applies to the world of online streaming. One good measure os success for online content like a Netflix movie is the number of views. According to Nielson, The Irishman viewership is doing well on these lines too. Looks like the Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Joe Pesci starer Martin Scorsese movie is off to a good start.

The Irishman Viewership | Where are the Stats coming from?

Online streaming giant Netflix is known for not sharing the stats with its viewers. The only time the company does that is when they want to show-off. Birdbox is one recent example. So how do we see some numbers on The Irishman viewership and other Netflix content? One reliable source is The Nielson Organization.

According to Variety Nielson acts as a watch-dog on what and how many people are watching. As far as accurate data on The Irishman viewership is concerned, no one can beat Netflix. Since the company would not share that with us, Nielson is the only alternative at the moment.

What are the Numbers saying about The Irishman?

The Irishman viewership scored over 17-million in the first week. What exactly does that number mean? Let’s look at the comparison between Bird Box and Martin Scorsese movie.

Nielson calculates the number of views against the total number of minutes. Bird Box is just over 2 hours whereas The Irishman’s runtime is 3 hours 29 minutes. The Irishman viewership raked in over 13.2 million views compared to Box’s 16.9 million over a period of 7 days (in terms of the number of minutes). This basically means that The Irishman viewership is more valuable even though Bird Box scored more views. Yes, it is rocket-science and I will complicate it even more for you.

The view count data for The Irishman is US-based, which means there’s a possibility that Martin Scorsese movie raked-in much more than 17 million views worldwide.

In terms of data and the number of views, the movie is doing very well. That’s all we know for now and that’s all we can draw out of these stats. The Irishman is available for binge-watching on Netflix now.

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