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YouTube Rewind 2019 was Different From its 2018 Version

Hopefully YouTube Rewind 2020 will be even better.

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The predecessor to YouTube Rewind 2019 raked in a whopping 16 million dislikes and earned the title of the most disliked video on YouTube. The latest version, however, is more of what the viewers liked rather than what the company wants them to like. Kevin Allocca and the team chose a different path this time. They tried to play it safe this time. Road to YouTube Rewind 2020 is clear than before.

What is YouTube Rewind 2019 about and How did it go this Time?

YouTube Rewind 2019 is not doing very well this time too. The 2019 wrap-up video has already scored over 300,000 dislikes. Now that we have it out of the way, let’s talk about what it was about.

Earlier versions of Kevin Allocca produced rewinds were mostly narrations and parodies of the most memorable songs, trends, and dances. YouTube Rewind 2019, however, is different in some ways.

One major reason why YouTube Rewind 2018 didn’t do well was the exclusion of big names like PewDiePie. The reason? their content was ‘controversial’ and less ad-friendly. YouTube Rewind 2019 includes the star and his record of 4 billion views is also acknowledged. This time YouTube chose data over ad-friendly content. At least Kevin Allocca and his team have started listening.

Though, fans and YouTubers didn’t like the fact that this year’s Rewind was simply a collection of videos of the content creators. It didn’t add anything new.

Did Kevin Alloca and the Company Learn anything from last year?

Kevin Allocca (Head of Culture and Trends for YouTube) told Business Insider that the company listens to its users and YouTube Rewind 2019 is its best example.

The real central issue is that a lot of people felt like it just didn’t represent their authentic experience of YouTube during the year 2018. We definitely heard that feedback loud and clear. We decided that the video should really focus on the year on YouTube as accurately as possible.

Kevin Allocca continues to talk about the efforts they put in and the changes they made to make YouTube Rewind more viewer-friendly this time:

The team sat down and said ‘What would we need to do to create something that would be as reflective as possible of the year.’ Like, ‘What would be the most accurate representation of the experience that people had on YouTube this year? And that leads you down the path of ‘Let’s use the actual clips that people were watching’ and ‘Let’s use the actual data to measure the reactions people had to things.’

This year’s version of the YouTube rewind is purely objective and that’s exactly what makes YouTube Rewind 2019 slightly better than the last one. Hopefully, YouTube Rewind 2020 will be even better than this one.

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