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Jamie Foxx Knows How To Throw a Party

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Jamie Foxx – the ultimate favorite shared with Colbert on his show how he taught Diddy to party on a budget. While doing that, not only did he throw a killer party for under $400. But also got his collaboration with Kanye West through that party.

Jamie Foxx challenges Diddy

Back in times when Diddy used to throw parties by the pool, he told Jamie Foxx that it cost him millions. But Foxx respectfully disagreed claiming that he could throw a better one in less than 400 bucks. He responded to Diddy saying,

Puff, I will throw you a party for 400 bucks that will rival this party.

At that instance, Diddy or Puff Daddy did get offended by it. So the next time Diddy was in town, Foxx did his thing. He rounded up actors, singers, and other celebrities who weren’t even really popular back then. And yes, here Jay Z and Kanye West are included. Jamie Foxx gathered around 200 of the coolest people he knew before Diddy walked into the party.

Foxx shares details of the party with Stephen Colbert

On the show with Colbert, Jamie Foxx shared some details about the party saying,

I said ‘Puff, look over there on the dinner table, I got Kentucky Fried Chicken. We are at $208 and we are killin’ it right now.

Apparently, Jamie Foxx was pretty good at throwing parties. Especially, when staying on budget. He has hosted a number of infamous parties at his place, but Foxx had a goal in mind. He wanted to make his way into music through them. Moreover, Foxx looks back upon those sharing that,

I was trying to get in music at that time, so I would throw parties for a reason, and because [Diddy] was so famous in music, I had a studio in my house.

Considering that Jamie Foxx soon went from an actor to a very popular singer, his plans did seem to work.

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