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Venom 2 Cast Addition | The Irishman’s Stephen Graham

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Stephen Graham, or as you may know him, Tony Pro from The Irishman is a British actor who has played some mighty impressive roles! Most of his roles revolve around being a gangster or a robber and we love the way he pulls them off! Since his most recent role in the Netflix movie The Irishman, we are now to see him in Venom 2.

A little bit about Venom

The Venom movies are a part of the Marvel Universe which is based on Comics by Stan Lee. The movie stars Tom Hardy as Venom or human Brock. Though, it’s not going to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since it’s owned by Sony and not Disney. The story majorly revolves around a symbiotic life-form that escapes from a probe conducting research. The movie follows Brock’s adventures following this event.

The first movie seemed conclusive so fans are curious as to what the second movie will hold! So far, we know two things for sure;

  1. The movie is scheduled to release in 2020.
  2. Stephan Graham will be joining the cast for this second movie.
  3. There are some chances that Spiderman will be appearing in the movies. This has been confirmed by the screenwriter; Jeff Pinkner.

Without revealing anything that I’m not allowed to reveal, it is not impossible that in a future / upcoming Venom movie that Spider-Man will play a significant role.

The main cast is yet to give us something to base our expectations on but, after the accidental leak, even Tom Hardy removed evidence that the shoot had started.

Instead, he posted this!

Stephan Graham grabbed quite some attention with his role on Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman. He is a talented actor who manages to flawlessly pull-off all his roles.  After working alongside Al-Pacino in the sensational series, we have high hopes from the actor for Venom 2!

Did you know there’s a rumor that Tom Holland’s Spiderman may make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie? Read more about it here.

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