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George Lopez Urinates on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

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Comedian George Lopez- an open critic of President Trump and his policies just gave his disliking a whole new level. Lopez pretended to urinate on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood walk of fame. And he even got himself filmed while doing it.

Apparently, George Lopez clutched a small water bottle, held it near his crotch before emptying it over the star. He even made a small shake to make it look as real as possible. It might be true that George Lopez did this while referring to Trump’s pee-tape incident from 2017. Once he was done emptying the bottle, he told his crew,

All right, let’s go.

As cruel as it was, this was definitely not the first time that George Lopez attacked Donald Trump. In 2017, Lopez shared a picture on Instagram commenting on Trump’s policies. It was captioned,

The Trump administration is deporting Latinos to make the streets safer… You wanna make the streets safer deport the police!

Later that year, the comedian actually got booed off the stage for his Donald Trump jokes. At a charity gala in Denver, his political humor did not amuse the crowd so much. And one of the largest donors at the event actually had to ask George Lopez to stop. When a crowd member tried to protest against his offensive jokes on political figures, Lopez didn’t go easy again. He replied that,

Thank you for changing my opinion on old white men, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about orange men.

George Lopez has so frequently joked about Trump and his administration that it does not even surprise us anymore. But the comedian has also made fun of first lady Melania Trump. In 2016, while performing at Natural Resources Defense Council’s annual Night of Comedy, George Lopez directed his jokes at Melania Trump and her accent. He not only imitated her accent, but also said that,

First of all, if you’re going to be in this country, I think you need to speak English. I think that’s one of the reasons there’s so much intolerance is that Melania does not.

Even though George Lopez went a bit far with Donald Trump’s walk of fame star, he is not the only one disliking it. Ever since Trump got into office, people have been protesting against it. A man literally tried to destroy his star with a sledgehammer and pickax. The police arrested him but his comments showed that he was not sorry. He told the reporters that,

Upon reflection after my arrest, I had said I was proud and felt very good about destroying Mr. Trump’s star. However, now I realize I was wrong, that I shouldn’t have done it.

Let’s just wait and see how Donald Trump reacts to this stunt from George Lopez.

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