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The Mandalorian Episode 5 Review: A Visit To Familiar Places

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As we proceed ahead of the halfway mark, Disney+’s The Mandalorian had something special planned for us. It takes us on a trip down memory lane, The Gunslinger, featuring Tatooine, the place we last saw decades ago. Perhaps Dave Filoni wanted to give a handsome fan-service just before the much-hyped Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20. Either way, Pedro Pascal’s Mando was there to save the day yet again. So, let us take a look at Episode 5 of The Mandalorian!

The Mandalorian Episode 5 Was Nostalgic

The latest episode in Disney+ starts off in a way any other typical Star Wars series would: laser blaster shooting in space and getting chased. Bounty hunter, Mandalorian, is trying to outrun a fellow hunter from The Guild who wants to take away Baby Yoda aka The Child. Obviously, Mando escapes because we don’t want to end the season right away now do we?

Anyways, The Mandalorian Episode 5 of the show then took us to famous planet Tatooine. The home planet of Luke Skywalker, here the Mandalorian decided to repair his ship. Amazingly even after 36 years of last visiting the planet (Return of the Jedi), there is still just one place people tend to land at. Pedro Pascal’s Mando roamed the place only to find Mos Eisley Cantina. This time, however, Jabba the Hutt is not around and there are stormtrooper helmets put up on spikes.

We see the return of the Tuskan raider, left just the way they used to be: dangerous but negotiable. We also take a look again at the never-ending deserts of Tatooine, and of course, speeder bikes.

Pedro Pascal Is A Wonderful Pick For The Show

This is not the first time we are noticing it. But can you see how amazing Pedro Pascal is at his job? Episode 5 of the Disney+ show The Mandalorian had several cases where we saw this. Pascal conveys so much in such a few words, without even showing his face at all. Until now, Mando has not removed his helmet even once. But we know exactly how he feels as the story progresses just by looking at him.

A Remake of Anakin?

So when you watched The Gunslinger, did you notice how the story of Toro resembles that of Anakin Skywalker. The Star Wars universe is no stranger to the man behind Darth Vader’s mask. In fact, everyone knows and it would not be a spoiler if we just say that Anakin was Darth Vader. From being absolutely pure-hearted to developing hate and finally giving in to the lust for power, Toro displayed exact similar progression.

The latest episode of The Mandalorian showed a young bounty hunter desperate for help with a hunt, and so Mando takes him in. He tried to help him by showing how to get around Tuskan raiders and then construct a plan to capture Fennec, the bounty. However, this Toro lacked the fiery and goodwill nature of Cara Dune (Gina Carano) as his mind got infiltrated with hate and an illusion of power. Eventually, we see a standoff between him and Pascal’s Mando where his ship is docked for repairs.

This is exactly how Anakin behaved and turned himself to the Dark Side.

The Mandalorian Episode 5 was all about fan-service, like it or not. Our review is that while this is good for hyping up the upcoming Star Wars movie, perhaps more originality would have been better. Regardless, with baby Yoda still intact, and no clue as to where he will end up, it gives us all the more reason to keep watching the complete season!

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