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Benny Blanco Looks Back At His Journey as a Music Artist

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On one fine day, Benny Blanco sat in his bathroom to think about where he once was and where he has come. Scrolling through his memories, he realized that he finally managed to get where he wanted to. Becoming one of the most successful producers and songwriters was probably not enough for him. Benny Blanco, therefore, worked to release his debut album called Friends Keep Secrets.

Benny Blanco’s Journey To ‘Friends Keep Secrets’

Benny Blanco is no stranger to the music world. Even before his debut album, Blanco was working with others behind the scenes. He is especially proud to have worked with Rihanna, Maroon 5, Trey Songz, and Iggy Azalea. “I’ve produced every song I want to produce, I’ve done it every way I want to do it,” he told New York Times.

Below is a song titled Eastside written by Benny himself.

On his Instagram, Benny Blanco remembered where he started and how he shaped his career to release solo album Friends Keep Secrets. He said that it was back in 1994 when he was trying to record music by using make-shift drums and a boom box. At that time, he did not have a metronome, hence the beat synchronization was all over the place. When his mother used to ask him about his back up plans, he seemingly did not have any.

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exactly one year ago today i released my first album as a solo artist… exactly 25 years ago i was recording myself hitting my own bed to make a kick drum sound while recording it into a boom box then playing that sound i recorded into one boom box into another while layering tracks on top of that original sound… there was no metronome so everything was only in time for like one bar hahaha… i used to look at my mom and tell her i was going to “make it” and she always used to shout phrases back at me like “what’s ur back up plan?”… i would stare in the mirror and pretend i was in an arena and somehow all my anxieties would melt away… so fast forward to today… i’m sitting on a toilet right now… (actually) like FUCCCCKKKKKK!!! it’s been one year!!!! billions of streams later !!! like 20 million singles sold… longest climb to number one in radio history… like WTF!!! this can’t be real… thank you to every fucking artist / producer / engineer / songwriter / manager / etc that took a chance on a crazy fucking idea i had… and most importantly thank u to the fans for letting some childhood fantasy i had play out and become a reality… and as always follow ur heart and do whatever u want fuck all the haters and shit bags!!! love u!!!

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“I would stare in the mirror and pretend i was in an arena and somehow all my anxieties would melt away.”

Blanco admits that he is amazed about how his career progressed and how a splendid start he got as a music artist.

 “Billions of streams later! Like 20 million singles sold… Longest climb to number one in radio history… Like WT*! This can’t be real…”

When Benny Blanco released his album Friends Keep Secrets it was more of an experiment. Instead of being some midcareer fame, Benny insists that he did not want fame at all. He wanted to challenge the system.

“I beat the system – I get all the luxuries of being famous without actually being famous!”

Benny Blanco reached top 50s in Billboard 200 charts and is in 21st place in Canadian Albums.

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