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Tom Holland Saved Spiderman?

Drunk Peter Parker saved the day

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A couple of months ago Peter Parker’s wall-crawler was sandwiched between two of the biggest entertainment giants. The future of Tom Holland was hanging by a thread amid the Sony-Disney deal. The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that a drunk phone-call with Bob Iger gave life to Spiderman.

How was Tom Holland able to Save Spiderman?

The star of Avengers: Endgame, Spiderman: Far from Home and upcoming Dolittle, appeared on Kimmel’s Live show. Tom Holland was there to promote his upcoming Nick Bruno animation movie Spies in Disguise.

It was not long before the Brit turned the conversation to SpiderMan. The 23-year old actor told the host how a drunken phone call with Disney CEO Bob Iger saved Spiderman.

Tom Holland told Kimmel:

I saved SpiderMan.

Talking about the happy-ending to Sony-Disney fiasco and Spiderman back in action, Tom Holland said:

I asked if I could get Bob’s email. I just wanted to say, ‘This has been an amazing five years of my life. Thank you for changing my life in the best way and I hope that we can work together in the future.’

Talking about the day Iger called him back, Tom Holland revealed he was ‘talking under-the-influence’.

You don’t give Iger a schedule. You’re like, ‘Whenever, Bob!’

Holland continued.

So, two, three days go by and then my family and I went to the pub quiz in our local town. We’re doing a quiz and I’m three pints in, haven’t eaten much, and I get a phone call from an unknown number and I have a feeling. I’m like, ‘I think this is Bob Iger but I’m drunk.’

Though the two ended up talking and Iger presented the idea that Spiderman could still be in the MCU. That initiated the talks that ultimately led to Spidey staying in the Marvel universe.

The good news of Tom Holland & Spiderman becoming a part of MCU again came after Sony and Disney finished the deadlock. The two companies had previously decided to part ways. In the best interest of the Sony-Disney and Marvel’s Spiderman, the two studios agreed on common grounds and the deal put Spiderman back on track. The movie’s scheduling has led to Holland’s other movie ‘Uncharted’ losing its director Travis Knight.

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