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Chelsea Handler & Jennifer Aniston Getting Along Well On Instagram

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Jennifer Aniston has surely left the past behind her as she works on her friendship with Chelsea Handler. A couple of years ago they had a fight and it looked as if this was irreversible. However, recent posts and appearances have given all of us clues that the pair are getting along quite nicely. In fact, in a light and jokingly manner, Chelsea asked her followers to go follow Jennifer Aniston on her Instagram!

Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston’s Feud

It was reported back in 2019 about Chelsea Handler’s fight with Jennifer Aniston. Apparently, Aniston thought that Handler had leaked her information behind her back. Now, Aniston is very private about her personal life. May it be her marriage, or anything related to her personal life, she tried to keep her public life separate from private. However, she trusted Chelsea with some of her secrets. Radar Online told that Handler spilled some of those secrets, which infuriated Aniston. A source added this to the story:

“Everyone is surprised over this because they were such close friends, but Jen knew that it had to be someone really close to her that was talking — and found out it was Chelsea!”

Friendship Prevails Ultimately

Now, in 2019, it looks that Jennifer and Chelsea are building upon their friendship. In a light post, Chelsea Handler posted the following:

What is hilarious about the post is that Jennifer has followers a lot more than Chelsea herself. We do not yet know if it is because Chelsea asked her audience to follow her friend or not. However, the post really is sweet seeing the super bright friendly moment she decided to display to the public. This basically sums up the level of their friendship, how great it is doing after their fight.

To add to this, Jennifer replied to this post as well.

“That’s a true friend 😉
Who loves ya baby!? ❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Maybe that wink signals a light taunt about how they were so far apart from one another a couple of years ago. Friendship ultimately prevails!

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