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Rob Lowe’s Christmas DIY Tip Involves 7UP

The 55-year old waters his Christmas tree with 7UP

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Rob Lowe aka Christopher ‘Chris’ Traeger of hit NBC show Parks and Recreation appeared on Ellen Degeneres show earlier this week. The actor from The Outsiders shared a unique DIY Christmas tip during the interview. The tip involves 7UP by PepsiCo.

Rob Lowe has a Weird Obsession with Christmas Trees

55-year old actor (Rob Lowe) and star of The West Wing is known for his healthy lifestyle and staying fit. However, it seems like, from now on, he will be known for something else too.

Earlier this week he gave us a sneak-peek into one of his weird obsessions. The Super Troopers 2 star told Ellen about a DIY tip that involves watering his Christmas Tree with 7UP (PepsiCo).

Admitting to a phobia Rob Lowe told her:

I have a phobia about the pine needles, they get all brittle and fall and then they’re just going to be flammable.

He continues:

I have an obsession. You know me — I’m not really involved in the house, I live in the house, I love the house, but that’s [my wife] Sheryl‘s domain. But when it comes to the Christmas tree, I am all over it. I’m obsessed with it drying out too soon.

At this point, Rob Lowe shares his favorite DIY tip. He told Ellen that he waters his Christmas tree with a solution of 7UP and water.

It’s half 7UP, half water. I am obsessed with this. This is all I care about during the holidays.

I have never heard of something like this. and I am also not an authority on the subject. Let’s see what the experts have to say about this DIY tip by Rob Lowe,

According to Tim O’Connor of the National Christmas Tree Association:

We hear about all kinds of things people do to their trees. We recommend just water — what the tree used while it was growing — but if something has been working for someone, we are not against it.

This doesn’t confirm or deny the use of fizzy drinks such as 7UP by Pepsico but as Tim puts it, if it works, it works!

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