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Jonathan Van Ness Talks HIV and His Cosmopolitan Feature

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In a society that is so highly influenced by stigma and stereotypes, Jonathan Van Ness decided to help himself and those like himself. He is the star of the reality Netflix show, Queer Eye. The show is mesmerizing and provides us with perspectives that do not normally just, come to us. Although, more significantly, last September, he openly admitted to the fact that he is HIV/Aids positive.

He is a compassionate man who utilizes every opportunity and his Cosmopolitan feature was no exception!

Jonathan Van Ness Cosmpolitan Instagram

Jonathan Van Ness manages his time to give as much as he can to others. According to Amy Grier, he dedicated his interview to all things from Brexit to be non-binary. His preferred pronouns are he/him/his but he doesn’t mind being referred to as she/her or they/them.

In one of his most recent posts, Van Ness emphasized how lucky he felt to be where he is right now. Especially after getting a magazine feature done on him.

This moment means so much to me. I grew up loving magazines, reading the stories & looking at the beautiful images. I also grew up in a time where HIV stigma was huge & the fear was pervasive and immediate for anyone as soon as they came out. Being asked to do this cover & doing this cover is bigger than anything I could’ve ever imagined when I started.

Jonathan Van Ness hasn’t ever had it easy!

In his interview for the January issue of the Cosmopolitan, he has emphasized how the stigmas affected him.  He is still challenged with a devastating new headline since his coming out, every day.

The transparency with which he has published his memoir is truly astounding. The memoir, named Over the Top, shows us a new light to look, Jonathan Van Ness, in.

His memoir is an inspiration to those suffering from similar diseases. The diseases aren’t normally as bad as they are portrayed due to the stigmas in our society.

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