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Jared Harris Returns in Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie As Professor Moriarty?

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At first, there was news of Robert Downey Jr returning for Sherlock Holmes 3 movie. With the movie currently in its early preproduction phase, we are certain that it will take at least two years for it to come out. In fact, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson might come back on TV screens in December 2021. However, there is another update to this news: we believe that Jared Harris will also return to star as Professor Moriarty!

Jared Harris’s Prof. Moriarty Survived The Fall?

Jared Harris and Downey Jr.’s return to the movie sequel Sherlock Holmes 3 will mark as their first time in around a decade. As far as we remember in “A Game of Shadows”, the two fell fighting from a bridge in an epic culminating battle. Fortunately for us, Sherlock survived the Reichenbach Falls. However, now it seems that Professor Moriarty also survived it. How? We don’t know that yet, as the storyline is still under discussion.

The news, reported by WeGotThisCovered, seems to indicate that Jared Harris’s Moriarty will possibly add more spice to the coming movie. This is because Sherlock Holmes 3 already has an antagonist. Is there a chance that two of them will join hands to take on the pair of Holmes and Watson? This news comes from the source who originally spoke about Robert Pattinson as Batman.

Perhaps Senator Cornelius Guest is fueling up Professor Moriarty while he remains in the shadows? Whatever the story will be, we will update you guys as soon as it comes out.

With directions from Dexter Fletcher and Guy Ritchie on the creation works, Sherlock Holmes 3 movie is looking to be a huge one among the Sherlock series. Things have already started to look interesting now that we know that there would be two villains in the movie, instead of one.

In the next coming months, will this direction change? Or will we see progress in this revealed story so far? Watch this space for further updates!

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