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The Weeknd Releases Heartless Video

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Don’t you love it how we’re getting to hear more from ‘The Weeknd’ every now and then? Being an all-time ‘The Weeknd’ aka Abel Tesfaye fan, I feel super happy when I get to listen to his amazing music or watch his newest music videos. Last week, Abel blessed our ears with ‘Heartless’ and ‘Blinding Lights.’ We fell in love with the stylish Mercedez-Benz music video as well. And today is another great day, which feels just like ‘The Weeknd’ because a new music video is around.

The Weeknd ‘Heartless’

When the Heartless track came out, we dissected the lyrics pretty hard. Us, ‘The Weeknd’ fans, always try to see through Abel Tesfaye and his song-writing. With this first new single, he essentially hinted that all the money and pain was making him heartless.

Not only is the song quite NSFW (that’s not new) but it has revealed a new, broken side of the music artist and song-writer. He (probably) even made a jab at his ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid when he says, “Hundred models getting faded in the compound. Trying to love me but they never get a pulse down”.

The song lyrics are all about being rich, powerful, partying, yet the heartbroken element is all too strong. This new aura is different but we still love Abel, regardless.

Heartless Music Video Hits HARD

Our speculations about a new version of The Weeknd weren’t too wrong. Lets not call it ‘new’ but this is a side of him that he is now expressing through his music. And the video conveyed even more.

The music video is shot in Las Vegas and directed by Anton Tammi. Abel Tesfaye is the main star and with him is Metro Boomin.

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The two hit Vegas together, where they’re seen partying and chilling in the city’s luxury and it’s shimmering, dazzling lights. They smoke, drink, and trip together. We love the trippy feels and the chill vibe until the video gets dark.

Towards the end, Abel Tesfaye goes from a good enjoyable ‘trip’ to a bad one. He starts hallucinating, makes painful expressions, and then, he even licks a toad.

The video becomes more trippy and finally, he is seen breaking down, crying, and running alone on the colorful, lively lit roads of LA. In the end, he is seen helplessly throwing up. Then, still under the effects of the drug, he looks at his reflection in his pool of vomit- smiling back at himself. But that smile is a forced one.

As an XO fan, the video was an emotional rollercoaster and the song has hit me on another level now. Not only did ‘The Weeknd’ brilliantly execute this track’s video but also expressed the ‘other side’ of money, fame, drugs, and sex that has the power to destroy you.


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