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Amazon Alexa is Becoming More Humanlike

Be careful of what you say, Alexa might cry,

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Me: “Play my favorite Michael Jackson song!” Amazon Alexa: “Shut up, I am not in the mood today.” Can you imagine this scenario? well, thankfully it is not happening right now but the direction in which things are going, it might not come as a surprise in the future. Alexa’s conversational AI is going to get even smarter.

Amazon Alexa is getting More Emotional?

The multi-billion-dollar tech company is working on making Amazon Alexa more human-like. Amazon says that US users will be able to interact with Alexa in a more natural manner.

According to some reports, Alexa will be able to distinguish between happiness & sadness. It will also recognize emotions of disappointment and empathy.

Amazon says that these conversational AI updates will come in handy in some particular scenarios. For example, Amazon Alexa might respond with an excited tone when it detects Christiano Ronaldo has scored a goal and give an emphatic response when it learns your favorite personality has passed away.

The dry and robotic voices might be a little off-putting for some. The addition of these interactions to the conversational AI is going to make Amazon Alexa easier to use and more accessible.

Groundbreaking AI System

Alexa houses a state of the art conversational AI system that allows users to interact with it through simple conversations. These magical interactions with a machine were once just a dream but devices like Echo and Alexa have made it a reality.

These upgrades are useful for those who prefer voice commands over clicks & taps and will also make the current users interact more with Alexa.

The updates have not rolled out yet. Let’s see what Amazon Alexa is capable of doing in the years ahead.

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