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Netflix Upcoming Messiah Series Will Give You Chills

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Goosebumps. We just watched the trailer for the upcoming thriller on Netflix ‘Messiah’ and we are getting the chills already. The Michelle Monaghan starrer looks like a gripping story of a man Al-Masih (Mehdi Dehbi) claiming to be a ‘messiah’ and the subsequent world chaos. The series’ portrayal of the predicted future is haunting as it is based on religious speculations, which some refer to as controversies that are deeply believed in. Watch the trailer below:

Netflix Messiah | Season 1

Created by Michael Petroni (The Book Thief, The Rite), the story begins when a man appears out of nowhere and starts gathering a cult-like following from Syria to Texas. This man, played by actor Mehdi Dehbi, has ‘Jesus-like’ locks and Arabic features. He performs day to day miracles and can even vanish within a moment, reappearing on the other side of the world.

These extraordinary powers amaze the people who begin to follow him. Messiah’s popularity grows when one woman states that the man saved her from a violent tornado.

The trailer also shows Messiah being interrogated. During this, he claims he was delivering a message.

“A message from whom?”

“My father.”

“And who is your father?”

And that is the key suspense of the thriller. CIA investigator Eve Geller, played by Michelle Monaghan, sets to find out the truth about this seemingly “divine message” that is “leading desperate people.”

In the trailer she says,

“He’s come out of nowhere and we don’t know who he is.

He can be creating an army or he can be leading them to their death.”

As she investigates the man, the Messiah plot complicates further with multiple perspectives including a Palestinian refugee, a Latino preacher, and a journalist.

Is the series based on the ‘prophecies’?

Messiah can be classified as a classic example of predictive programming. Where media predicts and prepares us for future events that are expected to happen.

Messiah’s trailer also questions the existence of this living being as a “Con”. Someone who is believed to appear in the world as ‘antichrist’, as referred to in Christianity. Muslims also believe in the existence of the same being but they refer to him as ‘Dajjal.’

This creature will be the polar opposite of the teachings of religion. He will claim to be a ‘Messiah’ and create his own cult, but he will be a con artist playing the world with his magic and leading it into ultimate chaos.

For those who believe in the anti-christ (‘dajjal’), Messiah has created a wave of curiosity and terror.

Netflix Messiah

When can you watch Messiah?

Scary or not, everyone is ready to binge-watch Michelle Monaghan and Mehdi Dehbi starring ‘Messiah’ on Netflix.

Well, it premieres on January 1st, 2020 and we are counting down the days till ‘Messiah’ gives us the chills again.

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