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Netflix Binge-Watch Experience Coming to an End?

Online streaming giants Netflix and Disney+ thinking business now.

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It is being rumored that online streaming giant Netflix, might soon bid farewell to binge-watching. According to some reports the company wants its members to stay subscribed for longer and just like Disney+, they might have a plan for it. The Netflix binge-watch experience might be coming to an end.

What is Netflix Planning to Do?

Have you heard about the term “return to appointment viewing”? Well, it basically means returning to view at a particular time. In Netflix terms, it means returning to view a particular episode when it’s aired instead of binge-watching all the episodes in one go.

How is it profitable for Netflix or other streaming services like Disney+?

If you look at it through the company’s eyes, it’s quite profitable. You see, at the moment, the streaming service releases a bunch of episodes or even an entire season at once. It means we can pay the fee of let’s say $10 at once, and go through all the episodes or even the entire season in a go. Just like the Netflix binge-watch experience at the moment.

This model is not very profitable for a billion-dollar company like Netflix or Disney+. They’d rather have you pay the same $10 every month or at least a couple of months in a row.

How do they plan on doing that?

According to some rumors, Netflix and other companies like Disney+ might be working on the traditional concept of spreading the episodes over a certain period of time instead of releasing the entire show at once.

This will make the customer/viewer want to return to Netflix or Disney+ for every episode of let’s say Umbrella Academy or Bojack Horseman. It will automatically translate into a longer subscription. Thus making this model quite lucrative.

At the moment it’s just a rumor but it’s something these streaming services might do in the future to ensure their survival.

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