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Trisha Paytas Is Not Excluded From Gabi DeMartino’s Blood Queens

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Trisha Paytas and Gabi Demartino were having a rocky relationship earlier when the Hanna-Paytas feud happened. DeMartino had sided with Hanna and this got Paytas under a lot of pressure. In fact, the situation got bad enough that it was speculated that Trisha Paytas would be excluded from the Blood Queens-Christmas Special. Well, good for Trisha because she is, in fact, included.

Earlier tensions between the two

The girls had been sharing behind-the-scenes of Blood Queens shooting together where they had a lot of girly fun. But of course, there was rising tension when the feud went public.

It was also speculated that Gabi DeMartino might not show the scenes including Trisha Paytas now as Gabi had made it clear that some “re-shooting” was going on. Was it the scenes of Marmee, the character played by Trisha in Blood Queens?

After things got patchy between the three drama-queens earlier, Gabi DeMartino apologized to Trisha who also acted like an adult and said sorry for her part.

Trisha Paytas is a part of Blood Queens

Well, either the speculations were not right, or the girls really patched up. Because Trisha Paytas has been seen in the promotional poster of the upcoming Blood Queens Christmas Special episode.

In case you didn’t know, Blood Queens is a Halloween web series that happens by the end of every year. It stars Youtubers Gabriella (Gabi) DeMartino and her sister Alessandra DeMartino. Essentially it’s a spin-off for Scream Queens, a famous girly horrow show.

The official Blood Queens page on Instagram just shared a poster to tease the upcoming episode and we see Trisha Paytas right there in the spotlight, in a ‘Little Women’ inspired poster.


Trisha also shared the same picture on her Instagram profile and Gabi commented under it as well.

A heart, a present, and a Christmas-tree emoji are enough for us to know that the girls are back to being friends and all is good.

Or was the whole feud another way of promoting the upcoming project?

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