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FaZe Banks Responds To Alissa Violet | Takes Responsibility

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The Internet, especially FaZe clan stans and Alissa Violet fans, witnessed a Twitter feud between Alissa and her ex-boyfriend, FaZe Banks, yesterday. Though they broke up 6 months ago, the internet was still curious about what went down between the two of them. Fans really shipped the couple. They even called the duo ‘couple goals’ due to FaZe Banks’ sweetest surprises for Alissa Violet. However, the breakup was really hard for both of them. And apparently, staying silent was harder for Alissa as she exposed Banks in a chain of tweets, accusing him of cheating on her.

FaZe Banks responds to Alissa Violet

FaZe Banks (Ricky Banks) and Alissa Violet were really going public with their feud. In fact, Banks did not want it to go public. However, Alissa exposed him in a chain of tweets, and the allegations divided the fans into two teams.

As confirmed by Banks, they broke up 6 months ago. Moreover, he cheated on her a year back due to some reasons he is not telling publically. FaZe Banks says there are two sides to every story, and apparently, Alissa stayed silent on what she did wrong. Neither Alissa Violet nor FaZe Banks have been perfect in their relationship. However, Banks decided not to expose her and he decided to be the man and take responsibility for everything he did wrong.

FaZe Banks Respond

Banks confirmed what he had with Alissa Violet was very special. He also confirmed he was not expecting this to go public.

FaZe Banks Alissa Violet

Keemstar To Share Updates?

Alissa Violet has not addressed or responded to FaZe Banks’ statement yet. However, their mutual friend Daniel Keem, famous as Keemstar, has been approached by many fans to make a video on the recent exchange of tweets between his friends. Keemstar, however; promised to do his homework before he starts making a Drama Alert video on FaZe Banks & Alissa Violet. He was apparently busy with his Keem Kosmetics launch and could not spare time to contact both the parties. However, the video is expected to drop this Tuesday…as in today. We hope to get some true updates, unlike his other videos, as it is a very serious matter.



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