Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Joins Jane Fonda to Protest Climate Change

Young Sheldon Star Iain Armitage Joins Jane Fonda to Protest Climate Change

It is always positive to see Hollywood stars coming together for the greater good. These are the stars we see most of the time on tv screens. Hence, it is incredibly positive for everyone when they are actually striving for a bigger cause for the future. Iain Armitage, the face of Young Sheldon, knows how important it is to protect the climate. This Black Friday, the young 11-year old star joined hands with famous actress Jane Fonda to protest against climate change.

Young Sheldon Star Says “It’s Important to Act!”

In a protest held in Washington DC, Iain Armitage spoke about climate change. The young star seemingly follows Greta Thunberg‘s footsteps to protect the environment. On black Friday, actress Jane Fonda held a protest outside the White House to highlight the government’s inaction towards climate change. Young Sheldon star joined her over this, talking about how important it is to have to act now.

“When things get scary it is very important to act, and to be active. And try to change what’s happening could be irreversible if we dont act now!”

Young Sheldon, Jane Fonda, Climate Change

The news comes from E! Online, who reports that the Young Sheldon star, Iain, will now work for “Fire Drill Fridays”. Every Friday the demonstration will take place until January 2020. Every week focuses on a different issue.

In one Twitter video, user Hannah Jewell asked the star if he was going to get arrested. This is in reference to recent arrests by police concerning actors who were protesting climate change.

As you can see, the Iain replies with “unfortunately, not. I’m too young.”

Young Sheldon, starring Iain Armitage, is a spinoff show of famous CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Just at the age of 11, the actor has made quite a name, starting with becoming a lead role in one of the most successful sitcoms. He also starred in the Gloden Globe-winning television show, Big Little Lies.

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