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Leonardo DiCaprio Responds To Brazilian President’s Amazon Allegations

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According to the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, Leonardo DiCaprio funded the recent Amazon forest fires. The 45-year-old actor’s accusation comes along with claims that the movie itself is against Brazil. Interestingly, Leonardo is famous for his philanthropy and his calls for action towards environmental issues. So, what is this all about then?

Did Leonardo DiCaprio Really Fund Amazon Rainforest Fire?

According to the Brazilian president, he did. Shockingly, Bolsonaro has accused DiCaprio of funding the fires on several other occasions. In a speech to his supporters, he said:

“This Leonardo DiCaprio’s a cool guy, isn’t he? Giving money for the Amazon to be torched.”

In addition to this, the President made similar claims on the Facebook live session as well. There was news about police arresting four volunteer firefighters on the grounds of suspicion. The Brazilian government claimed that they started the fires in the Amazon rainforest to help an international NGO. However, critics tossed the claims in the trash as they cried foul.

Regardless, Eduardo Bolsonaro continues to accuse WWF of deliberately setting fire to the forest for funds. He claims that the funds came from DiCaprio who is also involved in this scheme. Bolsonaro’s son also supports this narrative and has spoken about it several times.

In a tweet, he said the following:



How long will the extreme press continue to hide that it made a mistake about burning in the Amazon and that Bolsonaro was right?NGOs Health and Joy and @WWF  are involved in the case.

The Environmentalist Celebrity Responds to Allegations

In an Instagram post, Leonardo DiCaprio denied all allegations made by the Brazilian President and his son. He talked about how it is incredibly important for these forests to survive for the sake of the future. He said that he did not fund the organizations which the President was targetting. Even though they are “worthy of support”. Here is the complete note from actor & environmentalist:

Jair Bolsonaro alleges that DiCaprio donated $500,000 to WWF, the global NGO who set fire to the Amazon rainforest. The two of the largest NGO groups working to rebuild Amazon have already denied the allegations made against WWF and DiCaprio. IUCN Species Survival Commission and Global Wildlife Conservation both issued separate statements to condemn the false allegations.

Presently, Amazon faces a great risk of deforestation by local mafia and gangs. It is one of the pressing issues for environmentalists and the country itself. In fact, DiCaprio is one of the few celebrities who are actively working to help save the Amazon.

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