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Bodyguard Season 2 | Everything That You Need To Know

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The opening season of Bodyguard, on BBC One, proved to be hugely successful when it came out in 2018. In fact, it became the most-watched BBC drama in a decade, while its season finale received an audience of 17.1 million people. Right now, we do not know much about season 2 of Bodyguard, including the release date. However, let’s talk about things that we do know about Richard Madden’s show created by Jed Mercurio.

The Story So Far

In the debut season of the show, Julia Montague is killed by Luke Aitkens. This was done to prevent her from becoming the Prime Minister, who wanted to shift more powers to security services. This would have denied him and his goons from making more crime money.

However, David Budd was the one accused of murdering the person he was protecting. This eventually leads to an unraveling complicated conspiracy scheme against a future Prime Minister involving police corruption. Although the season ends with Budd clearing his name, there are a lot of plotholes that we need answers for in Season 2 of Bodyguard.

Is There a Bodyguard Season 2?

It was back in September 2018 when Mercurio confirmed that the talks about a second season were only beginning. Later, Richard Madden provided an update about a meeting with the writer to discuss the show’s future. During this, Mercurio hinted that Bodyguard would possibly have four seasons in total.

“It’s probably fair to say we would probably approach any thoughts of a second series with the idea that it would create an opportunity for a third or fourth,”

The media agency believes that such a large delay in season 2 of Bodyguard was always possible since the beginning. This is because of how busy the creator and Richard Madden are. Mercurio is working with Line of Duty, meanwhile, Madden’s career has taken new turns towards Rocketman, The Eternals by Marvel and 1917.

Possible Cast for The Coming Season

Since Richard madden survived the last season, we are sure he will return as David Budd. Others include Paul Ready as Rob, Richard Ridekk as Tom Fenton, David Westhead as the Prime Minister, and Stephanie Hyam as Chanel. Unfortunately, Keeley Hawes would not be returning since we believe her character in the story, Julia, has died.

Release Date and When To Expect

I mean, the creator has yet to write down something before the production begins. So I guess we are going to go way into the year 2020 with this one. The release date for the second season of Bodyguard will likely come out in Fall 2020.

Nicholas Gleaves, starring as Roger, confirmed that the next season is most likely going to happen. He said that he spoke to the producer who guaranteed him of the next season. He also guaranteed that he has no idea when it will come out. Well then…

Season 2 Trailer

BBC One posted this a year ago, and until now there have not been any major updates regarding the trailer:

Bodyguard follows Richard Madden as David Budd who is a war-veteran. He shifts to become a special Protection Officer to Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), who was an ambitious Home Secretary of UK.

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