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Tana Mongeau Turns Down a $2 Million Offer by Bang Energy CEO

'If you ain't Bangin, you ain't Hanging.'

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YouTube star Tana Mongeau (wife to Jake Paul) recently turned down a $2 million sponsorship offer by Bang Energy Drink. In a 17-minute long video, Tana Paul explains why she didn’t want to be a sell-out.

Tana Mongeau doesn’t want to Compromise on Content Quality.

Tana Marie Mongeau recently uploaded a 17-minute long video where she explains why she turned down a sponsorship deal by Bang Energy Drink.

According to her, Jack Owoc (Bang CEO) initially offered $1 million in exchange for advertisement on YouTube and Instagram. The deal at the time was for a period of 5-6 months. However, Mongeau and her manager declined the offer after detailed discussion

Bang Energy Drink CEO than revised the deal and offered Tana Mongeau a whopping $2  million. This time the clause required her to ask people to follow Jack on his social-media too. The YouTuber with a 5 million-plus subscriber count refused the second time as well.

Tana Mongeau said that she would never compromise on the quality of content for a few bucks.

I never want to be that girl on Instagram, like, ‘Hehe, the sunrise was so pretty today, follow the Bang Energy CEO,'” It’s not me. Jordan [manager] and I spent two weeks contemplating this $2 million deal.

She added that the content isn’t really aimed at earning money. It’s not really her bread and butter.

My channel is “cripplingly demonetized” and “unpaid” from YouTube because the content is not ad-friendly.

Tana Mongeau continues:

If I was just in it for the money, I’d be making slime and never swearing.

Now, I might not be the biggest fan of the content that she produces but hats off to her for not being a sell-out. It takes a lot to turn down an offer like that.

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