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The Mandalorian Episode 2 Review: Disney+ Turns Up A Notch

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While the first episode of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian gradually built its base, Episode 2 was quick to pick up the pace. The episode was full of potential as to what else can the show offer in the future. Some may argue that Pedro Pascal’s character, the bounty hunter called “The Mandalorian”, could have been introduced better. We believe that the calm introduction was a GOOD start as to what will be coming up ahead. Now that another episode is out, let’s proceed with how we reviewed George Lucas’ Star Wars spin-off.

The Mandalorian Episode 2 Gave Us Star Wars We All Missed

Roaming around an alien planet, unknown to what kind of species it harbours. Getting attacked by some monstrous creature that overpowers you at all times. This is the kind of Star Wars thing that we missed. Episode 2 captured the aesthetics and spirit of George Lucas’ original films without disgracing them at all.

So, when Pascal’s “The Mandalorian” retrieved his target [No spoilers! *Wink*], he had to overcome the trouble of retrieving his ship parts. The show brought back Jawas to us in the manner which we all remember. Just like in movies, squishy if alone, real headache if found in large numbers.

Between all this, can we just think that the planet one of George Lucas’ characters is roaming here is our very own Tatooine? Because, where else can the Jawas exist? It’s not like they have a ship to space travel and reach some other planet. We want this theory to come true!

“The Child” With A Lost Gift

The second episode of Disney+’s The Mandalorian is titled “The Child”. We all knew right then that something is coming. Something big, something that we always wanted to get. When Jawas gave the bounty hunter a challenge to retrieve an egg of… Rhinosaurus (??) this captive child came to his rescue. As much as we want to talk about it, we are here to keep spoilers away from this page!

The terrific thing which the 50-year old child kept trying to do throughout the episode finally happened and shook us to the core. It put us in a pool of questions as to how well the storyline will shape from here on out.

Now, the child is not Yoda. However, this dark sketchy guy with Imperial troops guarding him wants that kid. Is the Mandalorian going to deliver him to get his bucket of Beskar steel? Will he ask for more? Will his conscience take over?

This episode was a refreshing start and when the season ends, it will leave us all bummed out.

I, in particular, am really curious to see where this goes. For now, I finish my review at this point. Let us know what you thought of Episode 2 of Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian!

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