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iPhone 11 Pro by Caviar | A Steve Jobs Special Edition

It has a part of Steve Jobs in it.

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The limited-edition, Caviar iPhone 11 Pro, is one of a kind. The super customized version of the latest Apple phone is quite special. The $6700 jewel, has Steve Jobs written all over it.

What is Caviar iPhone 11 Pro?

Elia Giacometti (Italian jewelry designer) laid the foundation of this company in 2014. Caviar iPhone 4 was its very first creation and the company has been under Russian management ever since.

As a tribute to Steve Jobs, the design of Caviar iPhone 11 Pro is reminiscent of the very first Apple phone from 2007. The extremely durable Titanium shell comprises of a minimalist design with only clear lines and moderate color solution.

This is not the best part though. The main attraction is the Apple logo at the back. At the heart of it, is a piece of Steve’s famous mock Turtleneck by Issey Miyake. He used to wear this shirt on all the famous Apple events.

The lower portion of the iPhone is coronated with the immortal genius’s signature.

For all those Android lovers out there, they also make customized versions of Samsung phones. Caviar recently came up with a Game of Thrones edition of Galaxy S 10, Fold and Note. The $10,650 smartphone sold out within a few months. My favorite Caviar Samsung phone has to be the S -10 Black Edition Carbon.

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The company tends to combine Russian features and true luxury through its design.

You can buy their latest iPhone 11 Pro Superior Jobs at the official Caviar website. The price starts from $6700 for 64 Gb and goes up to $7870 for the 512 Gb Max. Only 99 of these will be made.

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