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Sarah Palin’s claim of Sacha Baron Cohen

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Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has once again been accused of being exploitative and evil. Only this time, he is also called ‘truly sick’. The comedian has been embarrassing celebrities on camera for years. And this time it was Sarah Palin- the former vice-presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin went onto Facebook to claim that Sacha Baron Cohen duped her into appearing on his new television series with her daughter. Sacha Bohen’s Showtime series ‘Who is America’ debuts on the coming weekend. And apparently, Sarah Palin and her daughter were tricked into appearing on it. Her Facebook post claimed that,

Yup — we were duped. Ya’ got me, Sacha. Feel better now?

According to Sarah Palin, she was invited for a Showtime historical documentary. And that she was interviewed by a disable veteran in a wheelchair. By the looks of it, it seems like that was Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise. Further, she added that she was peppered with questions that contained just Hollywood’s disrespect and sarcasm. And when she just could not take it anymore, she removed her mic and walked off. Not just that, she claimed that she was deliberately taken to the wrong airport so that she wouldn’t catch her flight.

Her detailed Facebook post also said,

The disrespect of our U.S. military and middle-class Americans via Cohen’s foreign commentaries under the guise of interview questions was perverse.

Even though Sarah Palin did not threat Showtime and Sacha Baron Cohen with legal actions, she did ask them to donate profits to veterans’ charities. Showtime has refused to comment on the given accusations. And any representatives from Mr. Cohen are not up for explanations either.

But what’s interesting here is that Sarah Palin is not the first one to accuse Mr. Cohen. In the past, a lot of people launched similar allegations and even legally sued him for his films. Many of these cases were dismissed, but Sacha Baron still has to come out clean. After Sarah Palin wrote her Facebook past, a few others also shared similar experiences. Joe Walsh, popular TV and radio personality who was also a Republican congressman said that he had been deceived by the comedian’s show. Walsh was invited to attend a pro-Israeli event but was then interviewed on camera. And also, he was pushed out of the studio later. His tweet expressed his support for Sarah Palin.

With this new Showtime series launching soon, things are getting heated up again. It is predicted that President Trump might also be a target on the show. President Trump and Sacha Baron Cohen have not been on good terms. And Trump’s tweets clearly paint that picture.

What the new series ‘Who is America?’ will unfold is still a mystery to be solved.

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