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Shane Dawson Reviews Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection

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After Jeffree Star reviewed Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection, one of the oldest and most famous YouTubers, Shane Dawson also followed suit. The two are quite close these days and have been creating their hit series called ‘The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star’ on Shane Dawson’s channel. Well, Shane just took to his Insta-stories and posted a mini-review of Jaclyn Hill’s new highlighters. Are they Shane approved?

Shane Dawson Reviews Jaclyn Hill Highlighter Collection

“Look what I got! Jaclyn sent me all of her highlighterssss!” exclaimed Shane Dawson, excitedly opening up the PR package sent to him from Jaclyn Hill.

With the caption, “Thank you So much Jaclyn Hill <3” on his Instagram story, Dawson proceeded to open up the products. He first checked out the Flair palette and wondered where he should apply it.  He then just applied it on his natural (no makeup) face. ”

Oh My Goddd! Me putting it on my face is very… whatever… it’s natural.

“Whoa!!! It kind of looks like I am showered, which is really good. Congratulations Jaclyn! It looks so good.”

The highlighter looked very blinding and gorgeous. In fact, Shane Dawson also said that the camera isn’t doing justice to how it looks in real life.

He also swatched the shade called ‘Mesmerized’ on his hand and was quite impressed,

Whoa, this is actually very crazy, it’s like wet but it goes on dry. Holy shit!

Shane Approved?

Shane Dawson then made a funny reference to the Jaclyn Hill lipstick scandal which consisted of the infamous ‘hairy’ lipsticks. He compared the new products to his self-proclaimed ‘hairy’ self and said there was absolutely no hair in the highlighters.

No hairs! I mean, Shane approved. The fact that there is no hair in it, considering I am next to it……

And I am just hair. It means something.

Not only is the Jaclyn Hill highlighter collection ‘Shane approved’, but he has confirmed that there is no sign of hair in them. Looks like the collection really is worth it.

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